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candida, what should i do???

i’ve been having some problems with my intestines and doing some research i found about candida. there was this “spit test” you could do and mine ,it seemed like, was so positive. anyhow, i have no idea what to do now.. what to eat? what to avoid? for some reaso every website i came across said completly opposite things.. i need some good advice…


  • Before I went raw I did a Candidia cleanse. I picked up the “kit” at Whole foods. It’s basically fiber pills and some probiotics. (I’m sure there is a non pill route but I’m not aware of it) You just take the pills as recomended and stay far away from starches and sugars. I did the cleanse because at the time I was a carbaholic. They say when eating SAD the foods you crave the most are the exact ones that you are allergic to. Since then and since going 100% raw I have no carb or sugar cravings. But, do more research and I’m sure more people here know alot more than me I’m just telling you my experience.

  • thanks pure and simple for your advice…actually, i do the cleansing right now. was yours some special cleanse for candida because mine is just a body cleanse (at least on the package it did not say anything about candida).starches and sugars- i guess no bread and so ( what about raw bread, crackers sweets etc). also, fruit- some say its good some say its bad (confusing…). if i cant eat sugars and starces, what can i eat.. can i have a little sugar ( i noticed that even some vegetables has sugar in them).

  • On the box it said Candidia cleanse. I took it for 2 weeks. I think being raw is the best cleanse anyone can do for their body. I wouldn’t go crazy over sugar content of everything, at the time I was a SAD eater so I stayed away from pasta, bagels, candy and the such. I still had fruits and veggies and everything went fine for me. I feel like I’m cured of my cravings and carb addiction. Stevia is good if you are looking for a natural sweetner for tea or smoothies. Other than that just don’t get to worked up over it maybe just finish off the whole body cleanse, give yourself a little break and then do the candidia cleanse. I did them both also but in the opposite order. What kind of raw bread are you eating? Some veggies do have more sugar theres only a few like corn carrots and peas for instance. Maybe just stay away from those for a little bit especially while doing the cleanse.

    Kinda on the same subject. My boyfriends sister has some major problems with her intestines. Her doctor is suggesting a minor sugery. The other day she asked me if I had any nutritional yeast. I have some and offered her a little bit. She said “Oh, no that’s not enough I need like 1/2 a pound, I use it on everything.” Later I told my boyfriend “You know what I think the problem is? She’s most likely got Candidia and dosen’t even know it”. After my boyfriends mom has seen all the health benefits I have being raw she said to me I think Vicki should be on that diet. At first the mom was skeptical but now she’s a believer too.

  • i recently got in the store a lot of raw good stuff -bread ( its almost like a bi cracker, maybe thicker from sprouted seeds and grains etc), crackers, truffles, brownies (ha, ha i guess i’ll have to save them for better times:) i just dont get it- why stay away from carbs? what if they are the healthy ones with no sugar, sprouted, dehydrated…what kind of fruit is the best in case i feel for some?

  • Hey ieva, I’m currently on a healing path from candida. What I suggest before you do make any changes with diet is to find out if you actually have candida. It would not be fun to put all these restrictions on your diet when you may not really have it. You can go to your doctor and request a stool test to see if there is candida present. If you don’t want to do that, you will have to fast for about two weeks, then add foods in gradually to see if you react to them. You’re right, there is alot of conflicting info out there, but my favorite website is http://wholeapproach.com To me, that site makes the most sense. My own website, http://justsayingno.com focuses on the food you can eat while healing from candida. So when you find out for sure that is what it is, feel free to check out the recipes there.

    Oh, it won’t hurt you to do a colon cleanse. I’m a fan of psyllium/bentonite.

    Hope this helps, Joi

  • I don’t have all the answers but I know that every little thing you can do to get rid of your problem will help. Just cut back as much as you can especially on simple carbs and also make sure you are getting enough sleep and not under alot of stress. Any little change is good. You will notice a difference. I don’t remember the percentage but sooo many people have this problem and have no idea and just suffer through like it’s the hand they were dealt I did for 33 years!

  • As for carbs, You have to stay away from them because they change to sugars in the body and feed candida. I didn’t think it made sense either, but after I started cleansing, carbs would make me feel worse and wipe out my energy, then I would get my other symptoms I won’t discuss here. If you want fruits, stick with berries, granny smith apples, grapefruit just to name a few.

  • joi@justsayingno, thank you for the websites they look great. i guess i should go to doctor, although i had so many tests taken and nothing… as for symptoms and just paying attention to my body really makes me believe thas this is what causes my problems.

    the diet is very srict though… i am amazed that you can stick to it…admiarable. i’ll sure miss fruit…love them

  • i tried piles of cleanses and diets whilst battling candida.. best thing i have found.. liquid grapefruit seed extract! the stuff tastes AWFUL.. i found 10-15 drops in orange juice is the best disguise for it.. but you need to keep stirring the juice.. otherwise youll end up with the grossest sludge at the bottom of your glass. twice a day for 2 weeks helped me the most, with a combination of a low fruit/carb diet… no gluten!! i hope this helps!

  • I agree with loorin – GSE is awful stuff but it will work if you can stick with it.

    If I had Candida overgrowth now, I would definitely use Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS). It will kill all of your nasties in short order and it isn’t very expensive. It doesn’t taste that great, but unlike GSE, your mouth won’t taste like it 24/7 for weeks!!!

    The other side of Candida is so much more comfortable that I can scarcely believe how much of the time I experienced abdominal pain, feeling yucky, etc. You will be SUPER glad you are getting rid of your overgrowth!!!

  • I’m drinking a glass of water with GSE in it now. It’s very bitter, but I’ve tasted worse. I really don’t find that my mouth retains the taste, if I chase it with a second glass of fresh water. Yesterday, I added some pomegranate, cranberry and cherry juice (not raw) to the glass of water with GSE and I couldn’t taste it at all. I’ve only been using it for a few days now, but my stomach feels less bloated overall. I have some symptoms of Candida but not many. I think I have more yeast than I should, but it’s not totally out of control. I’m using the GSE in the hopes that the symptoms I do have will disappear. I’m still eating fruit, but very little gluten and no simple carbs, other than a little bit of juice to help the GSE go down. I’ve also lowered my fat intake, as suggested by many 8/1/1 folks, in the hopes that it will help as well.

  • What should we eat if we have candida on a RAW diet ? Someone said not to eat carbs, which i agree with, but what does that leave us with ? Avocado’s and greens ? I don’t agree with the peoplw who say fats are the cause of candida and to eat a very low fat diet with LOTS of fruits, i dont beleive that works, i have tryed it.

    Can we have some ideas of meals we can eat that are raw and will be good for people who have candida ?

    Thanks, Paulie.

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