long time skin brushing experts?????

Just wondering if there were any experts out there that could answer a serious medical question that I think could be related to my 2/3 times per day skin brushing routine.Please only reply if you have personal practice and proper info. Thanks. If someone responds I will add more info.


  • LucyLucy Raw Newbie

    Hi mham, I`m skin brushing for a year now and I love it.I saw Elaine Love

  • I’ve been skin brushing for about four years. I have plenty of experience, but I don’t know if I have “proper info” about your questions or not. We don’t know if we have answers for you until you ask your specific questions. You might want to keep in mind that most of us are not naturopaths.

  • Hi mham. I’ve been dry brushing for almost 3 years now, and my skin is fabulously soft! I no longer have bouts of eczema, and my “bumps” on my arms are none existant! My circulation has improved, and my skin tone is the most even it’s ever been! I highly recommend it to anyone who can do it!

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