I do not have a dehydrator yet...can I use my oven?

I read a recipe here that said to use the dehydrator on 105 for 5-8 hours. Could I achieve the same results by using my oven?


  • Before I got my dehydrator I tested out the oven. I made a batch of flax crackers. I just turned my oven to the lowest setting without it turning off and put a meat thermometer in there to make sure it would be the right temp. not above 105. To finish off the crackers it took as long as using my dehydrator, about 2 days. The thing is I wonder how much electricity I used.

  • Thanks for your reply, pure and simple. Do you think that using a dehydrator for the same amount of time and at the same temperature as using an oven for, would use less electricity? That is interesting. I have a double oven with my top oven being considerably smaller…more like a toasting oven, actually. I know that it uses less electricity since it is heating up a much smaller space. Maybe if I just use it until I get a dehydrator, I will not see THAT much of a difference in our electricity bill.

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