New To Raw UK - Top 10 Tips Please!

Hey Guys,

I’m Carly from Cambs in UK and I’m really excited but extremely anxious about going raw.

Here’s a quick brief. My son who is 10, had a brain tumour earlier this year and it was the biggest scare of my life. He is clear now, but one thing I learned whilst he was going through the process was about diet and sugar through a great guy over in Devon who’s son had 6 body tumours and cleared them all through diet alone. Now this is obviosuly a debatable topic but it sure made me stop and think about my life and how we were currently eating and I began researching into diet and cancer etc.

I was shocked at what I found. But more importantly, I decided to make it my mission to learn about food and turn our life around.

For the first 2 weeks we stopped sugar completely and my son seemed keen to go with this. But him being 10 and outside influences soon made him think he was missing out and he started sneaking sweet things to eat when I wasn’t around. (I found about 10 chocolate bar wrappers under his bed! LOL.) I bought organic virgin coconut oil and began cooking everything with that. We were on the right track. But I let myself down and I let my son down by not doing more about it.

Anyway, without rambling on too much here, I want to change gradually into a raw lifestyle for his sake and mine. But I dont want him to feel deprived of having sweets and biscuits. (By the way, I’m so impressed with the fantastic sweet recipes on here!). But my issue is time and money. I’m also not vegetarian or vegan as of yet so this is a MASSIVE transition for me because I’m a junk food girl at heart.

I was looking everywhere for a home made delivery service where I could start off by trying items – like ready made and then gradually making recipes for myself. I found Zoe’s website and it is amazing so I’m definitely going to order from there to try some things.

So I was wondering if you could all give me a few tips to get me started that would be time and money efficient. Essentially, the basics needed to keep this going without turning to junk because it’s to hand or convenient.

I was also thinking about buying raw chocolate bars but was unsure as to whether these contain a lot of calories?

Thanks for your help and I hope to make this transition for the sake of my son’s future health, as well as my own.

Carly xx


  • chriscarltonchriscarlton Raw Newbie

    Hi RR,

    Zoe (click here) and I are here on GoneRaw often. We are in The Northwest of England. Write us anytime. Our website has a lot of good & free info. including great stuff for beginners.

    2 GoneRaw threads for newbies………

    Lovebows, Chris

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    I think she already found our website chris ;) But Carly I am sorry to say that we don’t do a delivery service any more. If you send me or Chris an email we can send you all of our recipes. Some of them are on our profiles…

    You would do really well to just read a few good solid books, I recommend anything by Victoria Boutenko ( especially 12 steps to raw food. There are some book reviews/recommendations on our website

    I also think that Shazzie’s journal is excellent, she wrote it over her first 7 years raw. She is very open and honest it is a great read

    I’d say just take it slow and easy. Make it all about enjoying the food. This won’t work for you if you don’t learn how to make things you actually enjoy eating. Don’t worry about calories, fat or salt. To begin with you need to make raw food that is remanisant of cooked food, to make you able to transition. As you continue further, your diet will naturally self modify into whatever raw foods you need at that moment.

    To begin with I ate all recipes. A typical day for me in my first 6 months would have been: raw pizza, cacao drink, walnut cake, organge juice, crackers and cheeze. Then in my second year it would have been: kale salad, green smoothie, pears, big green salad. And now after 3 1/2 years I normally eat green juice, and a green salad, or just mono eating fruit (when you just eat one thing on its own). Sometimes I feel the need to be more decadent and I’ll make a fancy recipe and eat it all…but in the main, I’ve got to a really simple place with my eating without forcing myself to, or feeling deprived in any way.

    There are quite a few raw people with raw children. I have met about 10 raw kids in the last year. They are all very peaceful, co operative, friendly and relaxed people. And they really enjoy their raw food, which is a lovely thing to see ;)

    You said that you stopped sugar completely for 2 weeks. Whilst processed cooked sugar is terrible, dates and other natural whole food sugars are great and it is amazing what can be done with them. Sugar is addictive, just look at the video on our website about the addictiveness of sugar and other foods, it is an eye opener! So maybe going cold turkey is just too hard. I know that a lot of raw kids do eat raw chocolate. The calories would be the last thing that I’d be worrying about with it…but for a transition food to bridge the gap it might just be good for him. The nicest one I have tried is Vanoffee from The Raw Chocolate company, it’s the only one that vaguely resembles the chocolate your son knows and loves ;)

    Good luck with this, I think it is really great that you’ve found raw food. I know it seems daunting right now, but pretty soon it will feel normal and like you’ve being doing it for years, promise!!

  • Thanks Zoe!!! That is amazing advice. I’m going to keep going and I will update you with how I’m getting on. I’m just really excited and can’t wait to transform our lives x

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