Hello everyone! Happy Monday! Just wondering if anyone has any experience in both these fruits and which they prefer? There is so much hype around Durian, and yes its good, but personally i LOVE Jackfruit and no smell! I just had a wonderful Durian custard, but won’t really go out of my way to look for it, and if i saw a jackfruit and durian side by side i will go for the jackfruit every time… The only downside is alot more pods to deal with, but for that glorious taste i will deal! LOL….


  • I think I may have a mild allergy to jackfruit. It causes an irritation in my mouth that worries me. I used to drink durian shakes at Vietnamese restaurants. I’ve never tried one fresh out of the spiky shell, but I loved the taste in the shakes. Have you ever tried a cherimoya? I think the flavour is similar to durian, but no smell. I tasted them in Cuzco, Peru.

  • I not tried durian yet. I am curious about it. I didn’t think Jackfruit and Durian were comparable since Jackfruit is mild tasting with a different texture? I like jackfruit in the indonesian dishes I have had. I also had it up in Hana when I was in Maui. We had to pull over during a down pour and there was a little old man roasting up the jackfruit, so we each bought some and I loved it. I have never had it raw or prepared it myself.

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    I have not tried either of these! I am going to have to find them. Do they have them at ‘regular’ grocery stores?

  • No. I’ve never seen either at regular grocery stores. I seriously doubt any regular store would carry durians since they positively reek when they’re ripe. My Vietnamese stores carry them, usually. Sometimes the durians are frozen (probably to keep the smell from taking over the store and during transport). I’m not sure where you live, Annabelle77, but if you’re in a decent-sized city, you probably have an Asian grocer (Chinese, Thai, Korean, Vietnamese, etc.) who might be able to help source these out for you. If not, maybe I can be persuaded get some and dehydrate it for you, vacuum-seal it and send it to you. You’ll be amazed at how sweet and delicious these tropical fruits are.

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    sweetpea, that is so, well, sweet of you to offer! I did not know they were a Vietnamese fruit. I live in Chicago—and only a few blocks from the largest Vietnamese neighborhood in the city (probably in the country outside of CA) so I think I am in luck!

  • They’re grown in many areas throughout Southeast Asia, so if you find a grocer of the Cambodian, Lao, Vietnamese, Thai, Malaysian, Indonesian, or even possibly Filipino persuasion, you might find a plethora of gorgeous fruits. Also look for mangosteens, dragon fruits, lychees and an assortment of wild-looking goodies. Who knows? You might discover some awesome greens there too. Granted, nothing will be organic, but give everything a try anyway … at least once.

  • Oh! One more thing, Annabelle77. Ask the stores what day(s) of the week their produce comes in. You’ll get the freshest stuff and widest varieties on those days.

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    Thanks for the tip—that’s a good idea! I’ve been wanting to consume more fruit lately, and I know that to do that, I need more variety, especially since I cant have bananas anymore. I like to keep mostly local with my buying (shipping/oil) but I at least have to try them!!

  • Hey all~

    I have had both and prefer Durian vs Jackfruit when making my raw pies. Both fruit stink (kinda like propane gas). Also, to purchase either of them, you would go to an Oriental store for Durian and a West Indian/Oriental store for the Jackfruit. You may Google either for the nearest distributors of these fruits (buy jackfruit (durian) in your county,state) and review the search results. Here are some links to order it online as a dried fruit or frozen if you cannot find it fresh locally:

    Dried: http://www.alibaba.com/product-free/10879681/Dr…

    Frozen durian (prepackaged/whole): http://www.alibaba.com/trade/search?Type=&ssk=y…

    Frozen jackfruit (prepackaged/whole): http://www.alibaba.com/trade/search?Type=&ssk=y…

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