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Bed time snacks?

I have once been told that if having a snack before bed it is best to go with a form of protein such as a hand full of almonds.. Protein because while you sleep your body is repairing all its tissues and organs as well as detoxing so it needs strength and energy…. what do you other raw foodies think of this? At the moment Im just having a glass of water as a midnight snack! You cant go wrong there!


  • I think your quality of sleep might suffer if you eat anything before bedtime, but particularly something high in fat and protein, like almonds. You’re forcing your body to work to digest when it should be at rest and repairing itself. I personally think your best bet is plain water, to prevent dehydration while you sleep.

  • One great alternative as a snack, and one with terrific health benefits, is coconut water kefir.

    Supposedly, the beneficial bacteria grow better in your gut while you sleep, giving you the most friendlies per gulp when taken at bedtime.

    Also, you benefit from the hydration and, I would assume, the electrolytes.

  • My husband, on the other hand, thinks that any dessert made with lots of fat is the best thing before bed. It helps him sleep more soundly and for longer. At 47, he still has the metabolism of a hummingbird! He’s over 6 feet tall and 175 pounds and he sometimes gets up in the night or before dawn to eat and then goes back to sleep. He seems to require tons of nuts and seeds or he’s shoving food in his face constantly – and I do mean constantly!

    I think your optimal bed time snack will depend on your metabolism. You might want to experiment and maybe keep a log of what you eat and how you sleep.

    Pleasant dreams!

  • I coconut kefir sounds good to me! I tend to think that you shouldn’t have to digest while sleeping, your energy should be directed towards rejuvenating and repair, not digesting. I would opt for fruits that take little energy to digest. Just what seems to work for me.

    I wish I had metabolism like a hummingbird.

  • I second the water suggestion. That’s what I go for if I feel a bit hungry at night. And not too much because I don’t want to have to get up to pee in the middle of the night!!

  • KrystaleKrystale Raw Newbie

    Actually it’s carbs, because Seratonin is only produced during sleep and it’s made, short story, from carbs. Additionally, carbs are easier to digest, so that less energy is taken from body repair to digest. Your body repairs itself with amino acids rather than protein on the cellular level. I think it’s true that not eating before bed is best, but some of us simply can’t for personal history reasons. Sleep isn’t entirely biological, it’s also psychological. So for those of us like me who were starved as toddlers can’t relax when we’re hungry it’s a personal choice. The answer is really entirely individual. If you have a tendancy to depression and anxiety, you probally need more seratonin, so carbs. If you’re a happy go lucky athelete you probally need protein. If you carry your stress in your gut you want fiber and some kefir. If you’re not a good sleeper you want either nothing or something like banannas or leafy greens or another form of magnesium.

  • When I was younger I never took naps, and I always ate before bed. I never ate much during the day because I was distracted and busy doing other things. Once I got home Id be starving, so now I find its just habitual to eat before bed. I need to shift that though… I am always restless and depressed. I also have insomnia which would explain why I eat before bed, or at night… I feel as if Im getting obsessive compulsive with food. Basically, I need to get myself in a rhythmic cycle of living cause at the moment its chaos. My younger brother is a vegan body builder and he eats at the exact same times every day, same with working out (differs on weekends) but hes noticed he gets optimum results when eating at specific times through out the day. Healing habits is a struggle, but well worth it! Its just so hard though!!!!! >_< :(

  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    Eating too close to bed time can cause problems in some. It is useful if you suffer from hypoglycemia though to eat a protein rich food before bed.

    Personally after my main meal i eat a little dried raw fruit such as goji berries or incan berries. High in fiber and satisfy any cravings.


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