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Raw Food for Cleaning Bathtub

germin8germin8 Raw Master

I read Ani’s un-cookbook and she mentioned using lemon rinds to clean the tub.

Well, since I use a lot of lemons in my raw dishes and since I don’t compost, I decided to save my lemon rinds.

I put 12 half-lemons in my tub filled with cold water and left it while I went to work. Afterward, I drained the tub and wouldn’t you know it… it did a great job. It was easy to wipe down and scrub (with much less muscle/effort). I don’t use soap (just glycerin soap), so I don’t know how well it will do w/ soap scum. I’ll be saving more lemon rinds for my bathtub cleaning.


  • I learned from my boyfriends mom, that using that kind of brush that you would use doing the dishes (I’m not sure if it’s used in the US, I know in some countries they just use a spunge or whatever) when cleaning the sink or the bathtub, makes the job much easier. But using it alone probably will give you a hard time. I use some organic cleansing stuff, and discovered that using the one that’s supposed to be for the toilet, is preferable to use in the bathtub as well, ‘cause it’s much stronger than the spray.

    If I was using a lot of lemons, I would have tried it with the bathtub, as Ani mentioned. Even better than the organic cleanser.

  • baking soda works for me.

  • twelve half lemons with filled with lemon? Or just 12 half lemon rinds?

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    Baking soda? I’m going to have to try that some time. Lemons just happens to be what I have all the time. We only have one organic cleaner and I want to look for “healthier” cleaners… for now, lemons was the easiest thing for me to try.

    jkd_soccer801 : Yes, 12 half squeezed lemons. No lemon juice. I just cut them in half, squeeze the juice out, and the rest I save for the bathtub. It smells very nice! :o) Also, the amount of elbow-work needed may depend how dirty the tub is at first. Or maybe extra lemon cleans will help. I think Ani used 12 lemons which would mean 24 lemon halves. That would probably do a better job cleaning. I also use the lemon juice to remove the water stains on the faucet and such…

  • What about unclogging drains. Any suggestions?

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    What’s in your tub???

    Well, aside from the good ol’ plunger, strainers, and garbage disposals for bathroom sinks, tubs, & kitchen sinks, I have no idea.

    Good question.

    P.S. Don’t let the lemons go down the drain. ;-)

  • Hair mostly. Being the only one of my friends that has hair clippers/razors I give a lot of hair cuts.

    Im not good. Its just choosing a # and making their hair diapear. I did my brother recently, then he did it himself and got a lot of it in my drain. I dont want to use draino, but it could be the only way :/

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