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What do you take to work?

rawlizardrawlizard Raw Newbie

There are times that I am clueless about what to bring to work for lunch and snack. I usually eat a humongous salad, but it gets boring sometimes and I kida crave something warm. One of the problems is that there is only a micorwave at work, which I avoid as the plague. I was wondering if any of you have some tips regarding what is convenient to take and how to transport it. I have to warn you, I have a voracious appetite so forget about a couple of apples and a banana :)!


  • PamPam

    I used to have one of those coffee mug warmers at my dek. I put Thai Coconut Soup in it. You have to keep stirring it, though (like every minute or so), and watch carefully. because they can get pretty hot. Maybe try a baby formula warmer since it wouldn’t get so warm.

    Other than warm food, I used to take wraps. Pack the wrap separate from the filling and roll right before you eat. Also, veggie sushi was something I used to pre-assemble. It would be a little chewy, but I liked it that way. Have you tried raw chili? It also gets better after sitting. I just chop up a ton of veggies like zucchini, mushrooms, onion, olives, celery, some corn, raisins or dates, make a tomato sauce and mix together. Pack some flax crackers and it’s a very hearty meal.

    Almost forgot Spanish Rice. You may have to drain it a little, then stir the avocado in right before you’re ready to eat. AND stuffed mushrooms. Alissa Cohen has a really good one.

  • I have to admit I work from home, so no transporting is required for me, but in answer to your question about lunches, I normally do the salad thing as well, though I’ve made a few more inspired lunch creations lately. I made a mock tuna salad, using sprouted sunflower seeds as a base, which I divided into single portion containers. I ate it one day in lettuce wraps with baby spinach and cucumber slices inside. The next day, I sliced a couple of small zucchini in half lengthwise and used a grapefruit spoon to dig out the seedy middle part (which I snacked on). I loaded the mock tuna salad into the zucchini “boats”. It was great! Some days, lunch is simply sliced carrots and peppers, dipped in zucchini hummus. I’m not a big nut butter eater, but you could do your own nut butter sandwiches with dehydrated flatbread, nut butter, sliced banana and fresh berries. I often make large batches of sprouted quinoa tabbouleh or cauliflower couscous, which are great grab-n-go lunch items. You could get gourmet in your presentation and load some of either dish into a halved bell pepper. Your co-workers might start to envy you! If you’re feeling uber-creative, you could make some nori rolls and a seaweed salad the night before. Some blender soups will hold up for a day in the refrigerator. You could take it to work in a thermos and give it a good shake before opening. The best way to do warm if you can’t really warm it up is to add chiles or spices to your lunch that are heat producing to the body.

    I won’t bother offering snack tips, since I’m an apple and banana kinda gal. ;-)

  • steviostevio Raw Newbie

    I bring green smoothies to work for lunch, and keep jars of seeds in the fridge there. We also keep local organic blueberries in the freezer (until the run out in about a month).

  • ladydaventryladydaventry Raw Newbie

    This is the area where I need most help!! I take fresh and dried fruit and a leafy salad, which normally wilts after a few hours. I can’t take any liquid on board (I work on aeroplanes) so I can’t take homemade soups.

  • Speaking of chili, that’s what I have in my lunch bag today but with marinated shroomies. We have a toaster oven here, so I put things in glass containers, put on the “warm” setting with the door open a bit and it warms my soups or “rices” nicely. Sometimes I set my bowl of food in front of my little heater I have in my office and keep rotating the bowl.

    I make a large quantity of salads that store well for a few days like jicama faux-tato salads, those kale chipotle salads, or celery salads, etc and put them in small serving size bowls so I can just grab one to take to work. Monday, I just made a huge amount of dolmas and tabouli, so that was ready to go all this week. I still have dolmas left for tomorrow.

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