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Question about Fasting

I have not eaten meat since Oct. 21. I have been 95% raw. I feel fine and would like to fast. Words of wisdom? Advice? I was going to start tomorrow and fast three days…water only.


  • PamPam

    Maybe it’s too late. But I would do the Master Cleanse instead. You will still have energy and is a gentler than a water fast. Ideally, though, you should go 10 days. I am currently on day 13. Ingredients aren’t raw, however, because of the maple syrup. Google “master cleanse” for more info.

  • I read about that and I don’t think I’d have the energy or time to commit to it. I’m a single mom of three and I don’t know if that would fit my currently schedule/lifestyle. Is that healthy? I read about it and it went so far as to say to wear a diaper on one! With a job and kids I have to leave my house ;) I thought water would be best for me I just didn’t know if there’s a special time of if it’s just a choice. Should I have lemon water or ? I planned on water and prayer – I’m clueless.

  • justagirljustagirl Raw Newbie

    Have you read Angela Stokes book about Juice Feasting? Rather than deprive yourself of nourishment, you are consumming about a gallon or gallon and a half of pure veggie and fruit juice each day to detox and heal the body. I believe she was on this “feast/fast” for 92 days. A bit long, but you could make it a shorter period of time.

  • There is a book “Raw Diet for Idots” and I only bought it because the reviews on amazon gave it 5 stars. It has a lot of good info in it, including how to fast.

    I lent the book out to a friend, but I don’t think it recommends a 3 day water fast, i think 24 – 48 hrs. Anyway, why not try something easier, like a water, juice, smoothie fast for one day, maybe a day off???

    The next week try it again but this time take out the smoothies.

    The next week try just the water fast for 24 hrs.

    Mix it up, and take notes of your results, listen to your body.

    If 24 hrs is good for you, then try to increase it to 36 hrs, and then 48 hrs the next time.

    That’s the way I think, little steps at a time will create positive results.

    How do you eat an elephant, one bite at a time!!!!!

  • Water fast for 24 hours and see how you feel.

    Don’t drink gallons of water, just sip when you feel thirsty. Eat if you feel you must and don’t beat your self up over eating. It’s hard to not do something that society is shoving in your face 24/7.

    Practice. You have to learn how to fast.

    Even 12 hours of resting your digestive system (because that is what fasting is; resting and letting your body use it’s own healing function to clean house) is a GREAT thing.

    Some people take right to it, others have to work into it, some never quite get it, but remember ANY digestive rest is good for you.

    Lots of good information, support and a good forum here

    http://fasting connection.com

  • troublesjustabubbletroublesjustabubble Raw Newbie

    I recently did a water fast and I highly recommend them. make sure you do it for at least six days.

    I drank water and occasionally lemon water. I didn’t get hungry but I definitely had a major detox on the third night so be ready for that.

    Mine was a spiritual fast so through prayer and water I felt quite cleansed. Happy fasting!

  • I would recommend a juice fast to start off with. You are obviously raw though right? So your body should be ready for a juice fast atleast and won’t be too much of a shock to the system. I have experimented alot with fasting without any idea how or what to do. I just did it intuitively. (Wouldn’t recommend it..but I learned the hard way) First make sure you are in the right head space for the commitment. Definitely commit to it tho. I have done quite a few juice fasts myself. This is how I began. It felt good to do this. I did one for five days and then I decided to do a water fast later down the track. I lasted 32 days. I put no pressure on myself at all. I was single and in the country and not working, so it worked for me. I just let myself be guided by my own hunger or lack of. I had trouble coming off it though. People thought I was anorexic because I dropped so much weight and this is why I came off it. I was just experimenting with non attachment to food etc. i did lots of gentle excersize an yoga which kept me energised. I got shingles though, but I didn’t really notice the pain you’re meant to have. I just let it pass through my system and used aloe vera and it cleared up. I tried another water fast later on. This time I wound up in hospital. Liver failure apparently…..nearly died. I wasn’t drinking much water either though. Just go easy, but do commit to it.

    Haven’t ever told anyone all of that, so its good to share my experience. Good luck hon. Go for it. I personally don;t fast anymore, but I drink alot of liquid during the day and not that many solids as such at times. I just don;t call it fasting.

  • By the way I just want to be clear I am no expert, never was, certainly never will be. :) I just don’t want you to think I am egotistical for saying all that, when there is no apparent relevance. I guess we don;t know what words of ours will effect the other person. So there may be something in there that could be useful I hope.

    Also in terms of grounding during a fast make sure you do loads of seated yoga poses or sitting on the ground at least…cause you may feel a bit away with the fairies or ‘flighty’. Grounding is important I believe. Stay connected to your body….

  • PamPam

    marionvalleygirl, what happened? Did you fast? In answer to your question, the Master Clenase is healthy up to 40 days. I have never had any problems with it (though you should have ready access to a bathroom) and I’ve done 10 days or over at least 4 times now. I can work and workout while on it. I love that my skin starts to glow aroung day 10, even more so than on a raw diet. I would love to do Juice Feasting but after I read all the stuff about daily enemas, I decided that the MC’s salt water flush was preferable. I have even done the MC while traveling… I just didn’t do the salt water flush at that time.

  • I am definitely interested to hear if Marionvalleygirl fasted and how it went?

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