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Hello all – newly raw. I went to my first RF meetup last weekend, organised by my new friends Jenny and Vaughn – http://www.eating4eternity.org

I have been mentally in RF for about 4 weeks, with occasional lapses into cooked. For the last week, I have been solid RF (though on Friday, I had to have some veggie sushi with cooked rice in London Ontario). Which brings us to my challenge… I travel quite a bit, and I find it really hard to find RF places to go to eat.

Right now, I am on a road trip between Chicago and Toronto (via Detroit). If anyone knows of any RF eating places, please let me know. Last night I ended up lugging fruits and veggies into my hotel room to make my dinner and breakfast. Not sustainable.

I am also looking for places to buy organic seeds. Chicago, Detroit, Toronto or anywhere in between -

Thanks guys (for a great site – and a great community)!!



  • Just in time…while I can’t offor you any help with the organic seed places or raw places in that area…

    I’m going to Toronto this weekend…

    Any suggestions? I know there is one living food/raw place, but anywhere else I should know about? What are your favorite places. I will be in a hotel room as well, but I think I will be able to sustain raw for only one weekend. From what I hear, there is produce all over the place in Toronto, but I’ve never been. Veg.ca gives a lot of info, but sometimes you want to hear it straight from someone who has been to all the places.

  • Hi, derryckl! I live in Windsor, which is on the border with Detroit. I am originally from Toronto, so I am pretty familiar with what’s around there too. Are you from London? I don’t know of any raw places there, but if you do, I’d love to know about them. The only raw place I know of in the Detroit area is a new place that someone just announced in another thread. It’s called Red Pepper Deli Red Pepper Deli, at 116 W Main Street, Northville, MI 48167. You’ll have to google it to find out where Northville is, if you aren’t familiar. Here in Windsor, there is a cafe that features a raw food menu, but only on Wednesday evenings. Let me know if you want more info about that place. In Toronto, there is LIVE Food Bar and Rawlicious. There’s another raw restaurant in Guelph, called WOW Cafe. I got the websites for all three from the site that thecavsman recommended, http://www.veg.ca. You can also check out http://www.torontosprouts.com. They do a raw potluck on the second Saturday evening of each month. You can definitely get sprouts there, but I don’t know whether or not they sell seeds to sprout. If you’re passing through Windsor, I do know of a store that sells organic seeds. I could give you their address and contact info as well. Just let me know. As for produce, Toronto has loads of options. If you search for the thread on this site called something like Raw Deli in Michigan, you’ll find a couple of health food stores listed that are close to the deli, that you might like to check out.

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    Hi cavsman – I hope that I am not too late! I know of one raw place in Toronto (it is listed on veg.ca) – I have not had the chance to visit, but I hear that it is very good. Live – it is called.

    I just survived two days in a hotel (at a very meaty IT conference) – and it felt a bit lonely. Once, there was a huge leg of something being carved – that was all that was on offer. I noticed some raw broccoli and other nice-coloured veggies at the end of the table – so I asked if I could have that. NO. Apparently, the lovely coloured food was “just for decoration”, the assistant chef told me politely. This trip was the first long road trip that I have taken since I “turned the corner”. In the past, my long road trips were plagued by tiredness, sluggishness and multiple stops at Tim Hortons, MacD and the like. This time was totally different. The six hour drive from Detroit to Chi – full of energy and feeling good inside.

    I picked up (for the Detroit (actually Dearborn) hotel stay) a portable black and decker food chopper at walmart (for $10) – and with a bag full of veggies and fruit, I was OK. I am realising lots of things. Like – on the move, it seems to be much easier if you talior your menu around fruit instead of veggies. I have got to get a dehydrator in the next few days, coz I think that my horizons will explode. Right now, I find the days totally enjoyable with the options that are available to me, but I run out of resources in the evening. Last night, I ended up eating a cooked veggie soup.

    Sweetpea – thanks for your suggestion. I will look it up (Red Pepper) and Wow) – and work it into my trip back to TO (tomorrow)

    I am signed up for the Toronto meetups, but I was not able to make this weekend’s meet up due to my trip. I have RSVP’ed yes to next month’s and I am quite excited. I know that I need to check out torontosprouts. If you can drop me a note or post with the windsor place, I will see if I can squeeze that in as well.

    Cheers, guys.

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