I am blindguru

I want to introduce my self. My site is a private journal that I am letting the public visit. If anyone diagrees with anything I say feel free to post your comments.



  • ok.. so i’ll post: i was just sifting through your website and i couldn’t help but think that alot of the information you offer is criptic, incomplete and full of holes…. sorry, but, this is not the dark ages, you need lots more proofing than that.

    i also noticed you had (amongst lots of very expensive equiptment) over priced foods, such as chia seeds for sale at $100 dollars for a mere 2lbs – yet i am able to order them (certified organic) from my health food store for less than $8 a lb!!!!!!!!

    oh by the way… your mirror webpage (http://rawfoodadvantage.com/bulk_food.html) makes matters just a tad bit shadier.

  • shady? thats a new one! We have been in business for 12 years.. We have over 3000 stores we sell to. 10,000sq. ft warehouse. and authrorized dealers for all of our items. I can sell chia seeds for 4 bucks a lb.. its a chia seed superfood protein powder. Its funny how someone that just saw our site thinks its shady.. what gives you that impression.

    meanwhile, we do get tons of complaints since we can’t sign everyone up for the co op since we cant’ coach over 50,000 emails we got this year.


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