Conscious Community Network

Thought people might enjoy this interview and information about developing a more conscious community in your area.

Very neat interview with Richard Flyer, developer of Conscious Community Network. – 55 min, (I especially liked what he talked about around 20 min in, 30 min, and 50 min)

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Conscious Community Network web site:

Richard Flyer developed CCN inspired by the works of Dr A.T. Ariyaratne, and his Sarvodaya in Sri Lanka, Ghandi, and Martin Luther King Jr among others. CCN also goes hand in hand with Skillshare if you are familiar with that, The Venus Project talked about in Zeitgeist Addendum and other eco-conscious and sustainable living communities and projects, and all of our local community grassroots farmers markets, business owners, etc, group movements, and the rise in inspiration with Obama’s election and more people feeling the call to be more involved and work together. :)


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    Thanks for this link.

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    aspire-I can’t watch the video at work but on this note I thought I’d mention that in Raytown we’re getting a community garden going! I get to be one of the organizers and I’m ridiculously excited. We managed to get an empty lot owned by the humane society that is just slightly to small to build on and they have no use for it so they’re allowing us to use it!

    I’m so excited and since we’re fellow Kansas Citians I thought I’d let you know. You really inspired me when you mentioned the one at the church near you and so a couple girls and I and a local coffee shop owner got the wheels turning.

  • TJAB- that is SO awesome of you!!!!!! How absolutely exciting to be involved in and to have also helped be the motivator! I think this kind of stuff is defintely the way of the future- people helping one another while helping themselves and in harmony with Earth, too. It’s just such a win-win! Big Yay and good for you!! :D

    I inherit about 55 acres of cropland, and woods that include a big creek through it, probably within a couple of years will be able to use it and I have always wanted to somehow allow others to benefit from it, not just myself. This year I was able to visit and participate in a CSA in Kearney (Fair Share Farm- ) and was inspired by it and the people and I know what to do with my property now! I am very excited to create a CSA – it’ll be in Oak Grove, Mo (15 miles straight east of Kansas City) for people to participate and share in. I’m in the very first conceptualizing and planning stage, but… well that is my dream and I have the land, so… it’s gotta start from somewhere! :)

    I also saw a clip on the news earlier this year about people in the inner city doing what you’re doing with vacant lots and helping feed multiple families good, healthy foods while cleaning up the trashed lots and justthought how cool that is!

  • MeditatingMeditating Raw Newbie

    TJAB – I think the community garden is a great idea. Will you grow flowers, veggies or both?

    There is a term out there for people who overthrow vacant, misused property called “guerilla gardening.” It is a really cool concept and intended as a political statement. I learned about it on this website. You can google the term and see some fun things others have done.

  • troublesjustabubbletroublesjustabubble Raw Newbie

    We’ll be growing mainly veggies and maybe berries but definitely a few flowers. A couple people in my neighborhood were trying to get a vacant lot in the inner city but couldn’t manage to find one that the city would let us use. This lot just miraculously appeared. I’m so excited for spring!

    aspire-55 acres!!! That’s gonna be awesome! Oak Grove is probably on twenty minutes away from me. I’d love to help in any way I can.

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