Ok I'm back

So back in Feb I discovered raw totally on accident and thanks primarily to this website I went from eating meat and everything to being about 80% raw vegan in a matter of a couple weeks. It was all going well, bought a dehydrator and a juicer and I felt great and I kept it up for about two months. I lost about 5 pounds, but I needed to lose about 15 more. Then, in April I fell off the wagon and went back to eating a bunch of starches and meat again, blech, felt terrible. So I decided I had gone about it the wrong way so I went back to square one and went vegetarian first (not hard as I was vegetarian for years in the past). Stayed veggie for May and June, and since July I’ve been mostly vegan, maybe two non-vegan vegetarian meals a week, mostly if I end up eating out for lunch or something. So- now it’s november and I really want to try going mostly raw again. I think part of what discouraged me was that I would try all these delicious looking complicated recipes (I do like to cook/uncook) and then they would just NOT taste good and I would have wasted like two days soaking, sprouting, dehydrating et cetera, plus all the food. So this time I want to keep it more simple. But I really like variety. So, any suggestions for my second try would be helpful, as in what recipes should I be looking for to keep things relatively simple but varied at the same time. Also- I’ve been experimenting with juice fasting, but can’t seem to get past 3 days.

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