Promoting a new rawfoods co-op You will either hate the website…. or you will love it. The videos will offend you or they will make you laugh


  • alpdesignsalpdesigns Raw Newbie

    I’ve been reading this website. I may never eat bananas again! You have some interesting and sometimes conflicting information posted. I need to spend more time there when I have it to spend. The site isn’t offensive, but I’m holding back on shooting the messenger! I’m going to miss those bananas.

  • alpdesignsalpdesigns Raw Newbie

    I take it back. Some parts ARE offensive. I just watched a portion of the video on not digesting food and what happens. I could’ve gone forever without seeing that.

  • i was just sifting through your website and i couldn’t help but think that alot of the information you offer is criptic, incomplete and full of holes…. sorry, but, this is not the dark ages, you need lots more proofing than that.

    i also noticed you had (amongst lots of very expensive equiptment) over priced foods, such as chia seeds for sale at $100 dollars for a mere 2lbs – yet i am able to order them (certified organic) from my health food store for less than $8 a lb!!!!!!!!

    oh by the way… your mirror webpage ( makes matters just a tad bit shadier.

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    we dont sell plain chia seeds. you misread our site.

    it retails for $100.. I dont sell it for $100 I am actually sold out and there is a waiting list just to buy it at my price.

    I can get chia sees for $4.00 per lb.

    rfa was our older site. also… my site is just my personal private diary.

    You are not the only one that is offended by my site. I enjoy negative feedback too.


  • also.. about “full of holes”

    my site is my private diary..

    It is working for me.. who are you to judge me by saying its full of holes..

    to name a few.. I have zero cooked food addictions, have the bacteria, have an alkaline body, never tired, feel great.. dont need massage, dont drink hardly any water, dont eat vegetables… and I am a bad typer..

    i think everyone would agree with me and not someone that judges.. also.. about proof.. we go by intuition…

    you might justwant to keep reading books to find proof. what proof are you looking for anyway.

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