Dental amalgam/heavy metal!

Hi everyone, hugs and hoping your world is rockin.

I’m hoping someone might be able to shed some light for me, as I am quite scared.

I had all of my amalgam fillings removed a few years ago by a holistic dentist. My mercury illness symptoms (tics in my face, ‘jittery’ eyeballs and mood swings that sometimes led to me feeling suicidal) have all gone. I followed a high-antioxidant plan and had the amalgams out gradually so as to give my body a chance to heal and flush out the toxins.I didn’t knwo abou t raw foods then.

Since I have been raw, (about 6 months) I’ve gone through about 10 separate stages of detox. I’m sure a lot of you can relate to falling off the wagon, getting back on and making progress, then falling off again. I’ve increased my intake of things that will detox you, i.e green smoothies, “Seagreens’ capsules (which can also be used to detox metals, didn’t buy them for that reason), MSM, good bacteria, colon oxygenator, mixed green powdered superfoods, and just fruit and veg in general.

I had a crown placed about 4 months ago in which a ‘precious metal’ was apparently used to bind the crown to the tooth. I was told there was no amalgam in it. Over the time leading up to now, I’ve had some small trouble with twitching, which didn’t disturb me or make me concerned as they were to vastly few and far between. The last few weeks have been scary to say the least. My twitches, which happen all over my body, come in the form of small to very large jerks, and they are much closer together. They happen more when I am resting; laying or sitting down or standing still, but have now started when i am walking about town or at work.

One of the worst things is they now wake me up at night!! I wake up at least once every night with the twitching. Its’ affecting my whole life now as I am so tired in the day because I haven’t slept properly.

They are starting to really frighten, embarrass, and distress me. I had some blood tests taken because my doctor thought it might be a deficiency of some kind and will get the results in a few days, but I’m trying to be proactive in the meantime. I’m waiting for a heavy metal test to arrive in the post and I’m going to see my dentist as soon as I can get in to find out exactly what he put in my head!!!

I’m trying to figure out what I should do if I do have severe heavy metal poisoning. I’m concerned that my ‘partial’ detoxing has brought these metals out of my tissues and they are now swirling around, but with no way to actually get flushed out of mmy system. Also it’s no good to be detoxing if I have a permanent ‘refill’ of some kind of metal in my mouth!!

So I guess I am nervous that I will pull them out too fast and therefore do myself more damage than good. I’ve never used cilantro, chlorella, zeloites bentonite clay, any of that stuff I’ve come across when internet searching these past few days. Does anyone know, or can point me in the direction of someone who knows/information, about how to pull metals out slowly and safely? I need a game plan or a program, I don’t want to go into this gungho and hurt myself.

Thank you for taking the time to read and thankyou for any small snippet of info you caould give me. Has anyone gone through this before? Is there anything I should be very careful to do/not do?

I live in Cambridge UK, so if you happen to know of any holostic dentists or therapists that have experience in this, that would be a gift from heaven!

The best to everyone, thank you xoxo


  • Have you thought about using ?

    I would take their test and copy & paste this forum page to one of the open areas within their test and request a N.D. to review your test…

    I have used this service with positive and thorough results… Much luck to you and do stay as raw as possible…

  • Performing Mantis:

    Your troubles do not fall on deaf ears. The struggle you are going though is hard however you seemingly have the inner strength to ‘find a way’, and that is the only way you can ever overcome such health issues.

    For now and until a solution presents itself keep that fighting spirit for it is your greatest ally.

    Conni 23168

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