Irish Moss?

I want to make the recipe of Mango Cheesecake and see that the Glaze Top has an ingredient ‘Irish Moss’. Is this a Herb? Can someone enlighten me as to what it is and if I cannot get this here in Australia then what would be an alternative ingredient please.


  • TomsMomTomsMom Raw Newbie

    It’s an algae that’s used to thicken liquids.

  • Thank You – Do you know what I could use as an alternative?

  • Chia seed will also thicken recipes… Hope this will help with your glaze topping, good luck!!!

  • Where do you purchase Irish Moss?

  • I bought mine online from a raw and health food supplier in Canada. It was sold either in powder form or in its whole algae form. I’m sure the powder is what you need for your recipe. There’s a recipe on this site for a Velveeta-esque cheeze. Apparently the irish moss is the key to getting that gelatinous texture that can be shaped into a block and sliced, like Velveeta cheese.

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