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Calories in veggie juice?

Do you know if there is difference in calories if you juice something? I am trying to do a bit of tracking on my caloric intake and I don’t know how to convert my green juice to calories.

For instance if I juice, celery, kiwi, cuke, and kale, do I just count the calories for each entire item or does it differ because it is just the juice? It seems logical that it would differ but I can’t find the specifics in any of my books.



  • My layperson’s assumption is that the calories in the juice of a fruit or veggies should be roughly equivalent to what the lists say, minus the fibre calories. So, if a medium sized (76g) kiwi fruit (without skin) is 46 calories, with 2 grams of fibre (8 calories coming from fibre), I’d assume that the amount of juice produced from it would have approximately 38 calories. If a large stalk of celery (64g) has 10 calories (4 coming from fibre), then assume that the juice portion is about 6 calories. Short of sending your juice to a lab for a full analysis, this is probably as close as you’ll get to accurate.

  • thanks 1sweetpea – that’s logical and definitely close enough for me :0)

  • That is great, I have wondered this myself many times.

  • I just doubt my juicer is leaving only fiber. I wish there were charts for raw juices.

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