a Sprouted Bean Toxic?

Hey everyone,

For some reason I think I remember hearing/reading somewhere that some beans are toxic when sprouted and that should only be eaten cooked.

Anyone have any info on that? I am currently sprouting mung beans, soy beans, and black beans for a salad…


  • I have only heard that kidney beans are toxic when sprouted. It’s possible that many or all beans and seeds have small amounts of toxins when sprouted, but, eaten in small quantities, we suffer no ill effects. I have read about kidney beans from several sources, though, so maybe you should leave that bean alone.

    I bought a sprout mix at my grocery store that contained lentils, adzuki beans, kamut and fenugreek. It was a hearty blend that was crunchy and pretty funky tasting. I had wondered about adzukis, since they look to me like miniature kidney beans, but there was no problem. I’ve also sprouted black eyed peas and chickpeas at home with no problems, other than some of the beans failing to sprout. I’d like to try black beans. I’m interested to hear how yours turn out. I have tried mung bean sprouting twice, but my sprouts always come out purplish, skinny and bitter. I’ve heard that I might be overrinsing them. If you succeed in growing beautiful white sweet sprouts, will you please post your methods? Thanks!

  • Annabelle77Annabelle77 Raw Newbie

    Thanks sweetpea! I will definitely keep you posted.

  • sweetpea, are you keeping the sprouts in the dark? If they get too much light it might make them bitter. I’ve never done it though, so just a thought. I know that if I grow my sunflowers in direct sun, they get really spicy and strong-tasting, so it might be similar.

  • Waterlogging and too much light might both be issues. I read somewhere that the commercially grown mung beans are sprouted in near complete darkness and in very tightly packed conditions so that they grow fat and juicy, not long and stringy (kind of like factory-raised livestock! LOL). I will keep trying to sprout some. Maybe I’ll put them in an open, but dark closet to sprout. My kitchen counter is obviously a bad location.

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    When I was in 2nd grade, we did an experiment with bean sprouts. The class was divided into 3 groups, and each group planted 3 beans in a cup of soil. One groups’ bean was put at the window for natural day/night. One was put under a constant light, and my groups’ bean was put into the dark closet.

    I remember us complaining because we thought that our bean wouldnt grow in the dark, and everyone thought the bean under the lamp would grow the most. BUT turns out that ours, in the dark grew the fastest… maybe seeking light?

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