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Hello all, I developed a bad case of vertigo due to stress that has been constant for I think a month now. I have since gotten rid of the thing that was stressing me out but the vertigo still persists and has gotten worse. I know that it is stress that caused it in the first place because I had it before (2 years ago) and it came upon me after the stress of an ensueing divorce. I was faced with many confusing decisions and heartache and my world was literally spinning out of control. This time, I just tried to take on too much as far as school is concerned. I was just so anxious to graduate in May and did not want to return in September 2009 for 1 class, and so I decided to take on 16 credits. Needless to say, 16 credits is too much for me and I ended up having to drop that class PLUS another one as I was unable to recover my grades from those 2 classes (I got too behind and missed class due to detox symptoms and vertigo). Now, I’m ALMOST back on track with my last two classes but it is extremely challenging with me constantly being dizzy and my vision blurred. It’s hard to focus and I just want this thing GONE!

Does anyone have any suggestions of what can help me nutritionally or any advice in general? I just read that it is a metaphysical condition and I am inclined to believe that this is true because of how it all started. I will not go to see a traditional doctor because all they know to do is prescribe drugs that I will not take and that did not help me the last time I was plagued with this condition. I also do not have health insurance at this time. The last time that I had vertigo, I did try the Migun massage bed and it worked wonders but I am not able to afford it at this time either. Please help! and pray for me please…


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    I have had vertigo on and off for awhile. I did some research and found that it can be a symptom of b-12 deficiency. I know that some don’t believe in b-12 deficiency. However, I thought that it wouldn’t hurt to add some to my diet. I am not sure if it was coincidence, but the vertigo did go away. Is it possible that b-12 is depleted with stress? I know that may not be too helpful, but adding a little nutritional yeast won’t hurt, and it just might help.

  • Oh thank you daniefon! Thank you soooo much! I will follow your advice. It can only help me in one way or another and it can’t hurt. ;-)

  • How does your vision blur? Is it always, or ?

  • Hi Kendra,

    I’m a Registered Dietitian and I have counseled patients with vertigo or Meniere’s syndrome. It’s been a while, but assuming nothing’s changed since then, the nutritional recommendation is a low sodium diet, and avoidance of caffeine, alcohol and tobacco.


  • Hi vision blurs at times…it’s weird but sometimes I’ll look in one direction and then someone will try to get my attention and when I try looking their way it’s as if everything shifts, scrambles then comes back into focus. You’ll be able to experience what I feel if you cross your eyes and then bring them back into focus then imagine your focus taking a little longer than this to readjust. Also, sometimes when I’m reading or looking at the chalkboard, things start off fine, but then get blurry or start shifting. Thank you for your concern my friend ;-)

    Rawdietician…wow how cool that you are a raw dietician! Do you find that you have to deal with a lot of resistance from those who are still stuck on the food pyramid? I used to want to be a dietician but decided on something different because of the fact that I was being taught the erroneous food pyramid as the basis of my studies with its meat and dairy recommendations and overconsumption of grains. But I think it’s great that you stand for what you stand for and thank you for taking the time to help me. No alcohol or smoking here, but I guess I’d better cool it on the raw dark chocolate :-( awww, I love it… and be careful of my sodium. I like Braggs liquid aminos and Tings (processed vegan junk food). Thank you soooo much for your help Lorena (smiling)!

    Oh daniefon…yes, I learned that B vitamins are some of the first to be depleted during stress, but had forgotten all about that…well didn’t 4get, it was still in the back of my mind somewhere and “intuition” told me to start my B-12 again, but I was just putting it off. Thanks for reminding me. I just took a sublingual B-12 pill this evening because of your recommendation.

    Why my posts get lines through my words sometimes, I do not know..ugh!

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    Kendra, the line is a formatting error that happens with dashes. I couldn’t remember what the exact format was so ran this test to see. TEST ONE – one space one dash one space before and after text – TEST TWO – two spaces one dash two spaces before and after text – TEST THREE - one space two dashes one space before and after text. - Check your formatting and see if this helps.

    Edit: I’ve also noticed that some of the emoticons seem to cause this format error.

  • Thank you emtpdmom mom because that was erking me lol! was the emoticon (smiley face) that I placed after thanking Lorena. I fixed it with words instead and also realized I spelled her name wrong…sorry Lorena (not Lauren). Blame it on the eyes.

    I also elaborated on what the blurred sensation was to Marionvalleygirl.

    I dissolved 2 sublingual B12 pills underneath my tongue last night at separate times (hours apart), and am about to do another one right now, then before bed, then from then on once per day. So far I feel okay so far, but never really know until I really start my day. I wonder if the amount of adrenalin pumping through my body has anything to do with vertigo…I’m sure it does, because everytime I start rushing to get ready for class or start worrying about an assignment, it starts. I can’t wait to become a doctor, then I can really find out and do some research and experiments concerning all these health issues…like why my back only hurts when my ankle hurts lately (or is it vice versa..dunno), and what takes place in regard to the body’s neurological response to stress…I assume inflammation actually I know it is. I actually learned all this stuff and that’s what it feels like too. the doctors used to always give me intravenous cortisone. Thank God I don’t have to do that anymore. I think I’ll break out my Anatomy & Physiology book and reteach myself all over again…intrigueing isn’t it?...the human body that is.

    I feel a lil’ calmer 2day, because I’m finally just about caught up in both my classes…just have 1 more math test to make up, a new one to take next week, a paper that’s due tommorow on my opinion of “the Dr. Milgram experiments”, and I need to go to another tutoring session for my logics course, but I’ve almost got a good understanding of the new concepts…yesterday’s test was a doozie though. I’ve just been sitting here on the sofa…no class 2day. It’s time to listen to my relaxation CDs, then study now, but I’ll keep my computer on and stay logged in .

    Thanks everyone…all suggestions are welcomed if anyone has anymore.

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