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Hello Everyone ! I am new to the raw food way of life. I would like some advice from anyone concerning what to purchase when starting this way of eating. What are staples for someone in transition. I need things to be very simple in nature. I don’t have that strong of a will power and I have a tendency to give up easily. Any suggestions would be a tremedous help. Thanks !!!!


  • Hi 4avo!

    This is such a personal area it’s a hard question to answer- One thing that can be frustrating is buying a bunch of stuff and then not using it. So first off I would say limit yourself or buy raw things you would normally eat. Are there any nuts you like better than others? Get those. Do you like humus- buy dried garbanzo beans. One thing I would recommend is buying more fruit than you are used to. I was not a big fruit eater and have really gotten into them. I walked into the produce section of the whole foods here and actually was craving the stuff it was if my nose was picking up smells 100x what it normally would. Fresh things just seem to taste better too.

    One thing that has helped me is sprouting. I really like the taste though and if you are new then it may be hard to swallow. Of course any salads are good and making a dressing that you’ll really like helps- dressings made with soaked pine nuts and herbs are good.

    A lot of raw foodists don’t eat beans. Kidney beans are toxic or just horrible raw so don’t try those but garbanzo beans sprouted a little are great. I have sprouted peas but they are more bitter than you’d think. Mung beans are great and fast!The garbanzos can be soaked for a night and kept in the refrigerator a long time (rinse occasionally). I read that they increase endorphins in your brain- so that is a plus.

    Other than just eating fruits and vegetables, you may have some cravings so that is where transition foods come in. You could try manna bread from the health food store if you have to have a sandwich for instance – or you could make your own bread on a dehydrator.At first I craved corn chips so I made corn type bread on the dehydrator and now I don’t crave it like I used to.

    If you could ask a more specific question it would be easier to suggest something that would work for you. Good luck and I hope this helps a little. =)

  • Hello writeeternity! Thank you for your info and help. I did went to the store and purchased some bananas,blueberries,blackberries,nectarines,avocados. I also found some raw nuts,flax seeds,buckwheat. The thing that I will have trouble with is things to make for dinner. I can pretty well figure out what to do for breakfast and lunch. I just don’t want to fall in to repeating myself for the dinner meal. Dehydrating mixes to make bread seems like something I would like to try. I just ordered the Excalibur dehydrator and waiting for that to come in. Reasons for me going raw is to help with health. I have noticed that as I get older, the foods I have always eaten seem to make me feel yucky. I also have no gall bladder so when I do eat certain cooked foods I get acidy . I also need to lose some weight so I am looking for this to help. Also I know that nuts and avocado’s are probably something I should not eat often because of their high fat content. Thanks again!!!

  • Hi 4avocado! For dinner you could marinate some mushrooms that could be a good entree. You could pile them up on a plate or put them inside a red or green pepper and make a gravy with the nuts you bought and pour it over the mushrooms. On the side you could have fresh asparagus or a salad.

    Avocados have the good kind of oil so they shouldn’t be that bad for you. Do you like any vegetables in particular of have any around?

    Carrots and nuts make nice patties and you could use the buckwheat and flax for bread or crackers. You could put lettuce and tomatoes and onions on top or get wild and make a nectarine sauce for the burger. I like pecans and carrots together and they are so good you really don’t need to dehydrate- just eat as is on a piece of kale topped with a thin slice of avocado and tomato. Have a fun weekend and let me know what you end up making!

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    dont use the dehdyrator..

    its like you are paying electricity and for a dehydrator just to oxidizeyour food.

    when food dries out it is rotting..

    you lose about 60% of the ORP and nutrition by dehdyrting…

    why not get rid of the cooked food addiction.


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