Raw friends Wanted!

Ok so I’m feeling a little isolated at the moment because most of my friends and family think I’m crazy for doing this and just “don’t get it”.

It’s great to meet and talk to like minded people on here and other similar sites but I’m having a tough time right now detoxing and feel a bit lonely. Although my partner has been fantastic and is doing the diet with me, I’d still love to meet some real life raw enthusiasts and swap notes! lol.

I’m in the UK – Cambridge to be precise and as far as I’m aware (through doing some research) there are no current events/workshops/festivals nearby or even in London right now and I can’t afford the personal coaching.

Someone has said, set up my own event, but I wouldn’t know where to begin and I’m nowhere near the stage of hosting parties because I’m just getting to grips with the simple recipes right now and have no dehydrator as yet!

Would anyone in the UK like to be my friend and meet some time to say hi!! LOL.



  • gratefultobegratefultobe Raw Newbie

    Hi raw recruit, I’m not in the UK, I’m from California but just wanted to say welcome. I’ve been a member 2 whole days, lol and it is hard to be the only one in the family loving raw. I have found some very good recipes and info here in such a short time. It’s exciting and fun and I just love how easy the internet makes getting all this great info and tips. I understand this site is under some construction and will be patient as things load (or not) and maybe will be able to post a photo soon. I have found a bunch of worthwhile videos on utube as well. Yesterday I made the hummus recipe using zucchini (excellent) and tonight I made a shredded beet and carrot salad (cant wait). All the best!

  • I’m in CA too but I’ll be your online friend. Let me know if you’d like my email address. Hugs

  • Hi Raw recruit ,

    I would be happy to be your raw friend ;-)

    I live in Epsom – Surrey. You can call me or email me anytime.

    Let me know if you would like my email address.


  • Ahh thanks ladies!

    Hey Strawberry girl that would be cool to chat with you!

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