mucoid this real?

If mucoid plaque truly exists, why can’t gastroenteologists find it? afterall, it’s pretty big when it comes out. I’ve seen pictures. Is mucoid plaque just a result of different herbs and ingredients such as bentonite clay or psyllium husks that bind together in the colon and intestines then take on the shape of the colon or intestines when passing through? I’m not being cynical, just seeking the truth before I decide/if I decide to spend my money. It seems real, but then I hear a lot of conflicting reports. I’ve used colon cleansers before, and have seen what appeared to be a small bit of mucoid plaque, but I don’t understand why a colonoscopy can’t detect it. What’s the truth and what’s a lie? What’s the best product to use?


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    Hmm, well, I haven’t tried any supplements for that but the best supplement to take for colon cleansing is Garden of Life Primal Defense, it’s made of lots of greens and grasses with multiple strains of powerful probiotics, my mom takes it too and it’s just formed a role in our diet kind of. sells it cheap. I’m not too sure about mucoid plaque but if you’re just talking about colon cleansing Primal Defense is a really great product.

  • Kendra, I have always thought what you said about the substance taking on the shape of the colon and I believe that most of the colon cleanse products are a scam.

    I am sure that some are legitimate but I think many unscrupulous people may be trying to take advantage.

    You can’t get clean by pouring more goop and chemicals in your body. Cleanse the natural way by fasting.

    EDIT, this is all IMO, i’m not a doctor.

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    Assuming that this is the same thing as a mucousal lining, I have wondered about it too. I have come to the conclusion that it probably is a myth although when you look at the pics of these colon cleansing products the waste often seems to be inside something akin to a sausage casing. That makes me wonder if it’s real or if all the photos are staged.

    My profession often has me reading autopsies and I have never read any reference to such a thing. There was one case several months ago where COD would have made it important to note such a thing if it existed. There was no notation and I was looking for it. I previously discussed the topic with the medical examiner who I know and trust. She has performed hundred of autopsies and was surprised to hear me mention such a thing. It doesn’t appear to be something that exists and is known by another term either.

    I do believe conventional medicine is blind to healing through alternative remedies and nutrition, and, if Satan exists, he’s probably in upper management at the FDA. Despite that, there is no reason to motivate denial of a mucousal lining. There would have to be some motivation to deny and the establishment could easily explain a mucousal lining as a natural state rather than a sign of ill health (as they do so often).

    Like all industries, natural and alternative health is replete with disinformation and intentional fabrications manufactured to sell products or promote ideas. All industries are subject to being hijacked by fraud artists. It seems to me people attracted to alternative medicines and nutritional theories are more likely to suffer from failures in logic when they evaluate anecdotes that support their beliefs. Those consumers may actually be seen as easy targets.

    Until I hear something reliable, I doubt that mucousal linings are legit.

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    It could be true that when a person eats mucous forming foods the mucous could line the colon, but who knows.

  • rawkidchef, ungrateful, meditating…thank you for your insight. While I do believe that colon cleansers can be beneficial, and I also believe that the body creates mucous in response to certain foods, I’m not as quick as I was in the past to believe that mucoid plaque exists either. I do think the photos are real but I also entertain the possibility that the products create them. So, I’ll just keep on eating healthy and doing mild cleanses when needed. Meditating, if you ever receive reports that confirm mucoid plaque, please let us know. Ungrateful, you don’t have to be a doctor to give your opinion or give good advice. Sometimes experience is the best teacher. RKC…you’re way ahead of your time friend ;-) I can’t wait to see what you will become as you grow in numbers.

  • I don’t think my product was/is causing it. Otherwise I would have it all the time. I had one of those things come out. But not as big and huge as what I have seen in pictures. The product I used is not full of chemicals, so I was not putting chemicals in my body. I suffered (still do) from Ulcerative colitis and IBS. When you don’t have a bowel movement for weeks at a time you get desperate adn I tried a lot of those products. Dr. Natura was the only thing that helped me. So anyhoo, I have never had one of these things happen again, just in the beginning.

    Hell if I know what it really was or what you want to call it, but it was

  • Kendra~ Back to your original question “If mucoid plaque truly exists, why can’t gastroenterologists find it?” They scope a little more than one third of the colon, the descending part and sometimes advance the spleenetic flexure and into the transverse section of the colon but never enter the ascending section after the hepatic flexure… The small intestine connects at the ascending section…

    IMHO, I believe if the plaques do exist they are located in the small intestine blocking the absorption of nutrients… When the cleansers cause the plaque to break loose it is then passed through the small intestine into the ascending then the transverse and then into the descending and rectum and out of the body…

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