CANDIDA - what meals to eat

What should we eat if we have candida on a RAW diet ? Someone said not to eat carbs, which i agree with, but what does that leave us with ? Avocado’s and greens ?

I don’t agree with the people who say fats are the cause of candida and to eat a very low fat diet with LOTS of fruits, i dont beleive that works, i have tryed it.

Can we have some ideas of meals we can eat that are raw and will be good for people who have candida ?

Thanks, Paulie.


  • If you can find Gabriel Cousen’s book “Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine”, all of the recipes are noted according to their acceptability for hard-core Candida elimination, intermediate stage, and maintenance.

    Some ideal meals would be nut pates on crudites, savory soups (essentially green smoothies), salads (Cousens has TONS of creative ones), all sorts of things with young coconuts (nut meat, not water) and even desserts made with Stevia for a sweetner.

    Watch out for vinegar of any kind, including ACV when trying to eliminate a Candida overgrowth!

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    candida is caused from fermentation between the cells. curing candida, or any ailment, is a holistic process, rather than “eating to get better.”

    whenever i’ve tried staying away from fruit for a long time it’s really backfired. same thing with no fats. i think moderation is key. think of fats as the “gas pedal” for letting your cells rid of toxins, and fruits as the “accelerate.” if you have candida, you don’t want to go too fast OR too slowly… the candida creates obstacles for elimination, and you have to be mindful of that.

    because you don’t want to cause more fermentation, eating things that are fairly easy to digest and leaving big gaps between meals, is a good idea. have meals. not snacks. try drinking more water, or i even like to have green tea (not raw, clearly) during the winter months.

    getting lots of exercise and stretching increases flow of oxygen in the body, and whenever you increase oxygen you decrease the risk of more fermentation.

    get enough sleep, eat enough (and DELICIOUSLY), drink plenty of water.

    foods to avoid over-eating are: bananas, carrots, beets, high sugar fruits (melons, mangoes, etc…), cashews, dates.

    great foods for candida: avocados, grapefruit, tomatoes, squash (any kind), cabbage, greens. taking acidophilous helps, as goes Grapefruit seed extract and Pau D’arco tea.

    be well!

  • GSE was recommended to me by a couple of people on these forums. It is grapefruit seed extract. I mentioned it to my chiropractor and he said as an experiment he put several drops in a large fish tank filled with water, that had a lot of algae and slime in it. He came back a couple of days later and the algae was dead. This stuff is a powerful anti-fungal, is all natural and will help kill yeast. Take probiotics with it to promote friendly gut flora. If you use this in addition to the less sweet diet suggested by Gabriel Cousens, you should be able to get the Candida under control.

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