Dear GoneRaw,

Allow me to submit to you a question that is sure to spark lively debate:

I am a 26 year old married male with a 21 year old wife. I was vegan for 6 years of my life, vegetarian for 10, and a raw foods NON-vegetarian for the last year or so. That means I do not consume cooked food, but I DO eat raw fish and raw eggs.

I do not much care to hear people telling me the evils or health detriments of consuming seafood or eggs. I have heard it demonized time and time again, and that is not why I am posting today. I am simply trying to give a history so you understand that when I say that most of the recipes I have tried on this site have been totally lacking in flavor, you will understand that I am not someone accustomed to sucking down soda, candy, and processed junk every day. My taste buds are pretty tuned in to natural flavors in food.

I am writing, instead, to ask you for some assistance. I would like to expand my repertoire of raw recipes, but I don’t want to waste tons of money slogging through recipes that taste so bad I have to pitch them in the trash. For example, blended tomatoes do NOT taste good. I LOVE tomato cut up in a salad with fresh greens, fresh carrots, avocado…all organic. I LOVE that flavor. But blending it in a blender makes it taste disgusting, almost enough to make me want to vomit. I do not know if this is from the consistency of the gruel that is produced, or if it is the flavor itself from disrupting the cells of the tomato and causing some chemical to be released. This is just one example of how many recipes on this site have been lacking in flavor, at least for me. Maybe other people love them.

What I am asking for here, is for recipes for NEWBIES that are transitional. What did you hardcore rawbies eat when you were first taking your baby steps into the realm of raw food? Maybe somewhere along the line I’ve trained my taste buds to only like fruits in certain contexts. If this is the case, I’d like to untrain them by trying some baby-steps recipes. Hit me with some stuff that tastes REALLY good and doesn’t require every gadget out there. I do not believe that God made us so that we needed dehydrators and blenders and jackhammers and bulldozers to eat healthy food and reach the maximum potential of our health on Earth. I don’t mind chewing my food. I’m not too lazy to do a LOT of chewing. I love eating Brazil nuts with a handful of dried cranberries. Lots of chewing, but dog gone it the results are worth it: no acne, beautiful skin and hair, losing weight in leaps and bounds, and feeling satiated and light the whole day.

Are there any simple raw combinations of foods that are guaranteed to make anyone go “WOW!”? If so, I want to hear about them. So leave the dehydrated cakes and muffins and mock breads and what have you on the back burner. What can I just dice with a knife or shred by hand or tooth and consume?

And please understand that you’re making a 21 year old woman’s day by giving a great answer here, because whereas I am someone who can eat the same thing every day, for years on end and be totally satisfied, she is NOT and as her husband, I feel I have a duty to provide food and shelter that is to her liking. So help me for her sake, won’t you please?

Many thanks and Yahweh God bless you, David & Leah

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