I can't resist

Hi. So, I've been on (and sometimes off) the Gone Raw website pretty much since it started. I just took around a 16 week break. Because I'm 16 weeks pregnant. And morning sickness took the best of any healthy diet I was used to. I lived on crackers and lemonade.

Today I took my citrus juicer and blender back out and loved my date/banana/cinnamon smoothie for dinner. Ahhhh, fresh fruit again.

I'll have to catch up on a lot of new stuff. But I think this site is great. I especially like the relaxed attitudes that it's ok to share even if you're not 100% raw. Oh, and the recipes are great.

By the way, I have 4 1/2 year old twins, too.

And I'm happy to share any of my experiences with eating a lot of raw.


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