(sort of) new to Raw and pregnant

Hi y'all.

Just a quick question (I did a search on this but from what I gathered, most were raw/veggies before becoming pregnant and that definitly does not apply to me) - what are some easy ways to slowly incorporate some raw recipes into my diet while I'm pregnant? I eat somewhat healthy now but I'd really like to eat a whole lot better. I'd like to eat raw during the day, but eat a cooked healthy meal at night with my hubby. I drink lactose-free 1% milk and I love eggs, 2 things which I really dont want to give up. I'm also not a huge fan of many nuts as I find the texture and flavour to be be a bit bland and boring.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can jump on the raw wagon without causing a massive shock to my system? I find myself hungry all the time right now and instead of reaching for the processed stuff, I'd like to learn how I can replace the unhealthy stuff with healthy choices.

Thanks for your help!!


  • Oh, yeah, and one more thing. I'm really not big into salads. I love fruit and veggies that are crunchy and sweet.

    Any ideas?

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    I think that Shazzie and Jinjee are two raw teachers who you'd get a lot of good info from. Shazzie has just released a new book about her raw pregnancy and raising her child raw, Jinjee (www.thegardendiet.com)has had 5 raw pregnancies. Shazzie also has a 7 year journal on her website - http://www.shazzie.com/raw/journal/ and 9 months of that is when she was pregnant. I think you'd find it a good read.

    By the way, raw foodists salads aren't like normal salads, they are amazing and so delish. I was never into salads either but sice I went raw, I eat them most days. Try some of the recipes on this site, there are thousands to choose from.

    Good luck with your pregnancy and congrats on finding raw food, it really is the best thing for you and the baby.

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    Congrats on your pregnancy! Without getting into a detox you could just keep adding lots of fresh food into your normal diet and keep it healthy. Wholegrains, fruit/veg, sea veggies, soaked sprouts, nuts/seeds etc. You might like to try nut/seed mylks too, they can be rich and nutrient dense depending on what you add. Sounds like you have good taste already with your fresh food choices. I think looking at the books Zoe mentions would be good too and to try some of the delicious recipes on this site. Just type in what you desire eg. quiche, bread, falafel etc.

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