DreaDrea Raw Master

My username is dreasraw. My page looks really crazy! my picture is huge and weird, it did not look like this before, can you please fix it?


  • OK, should be fixed!

  • DreaDrea Raw Master

    its not fixed yet

  • ajchanterajchanter Raw Newbie

    Mine is like that too!

    But I suppose that the picture size will go back to normal when the site is finished?

  • DreaDrea Raw Master

    I'm wondering is this something that Kandace or Ray can fix or is this a problem that will be solved once the site is done? Kandace/Ray?

  • DreaDrea Raw Master

    its fixed, thanks!

  • beanybeeganbeanybeegan Raw Newbie

    I am beany, Do we not need to log in any more????? I do not have a log in or sign in area, but I can comment though my name does not show for those who are on the forum.

  • evergreenevergreen Raw Master

    hi beany...i am having the same problem, when i visit the site, i am automatically logged in , and there is no way out except to use this link

    http://goneraw.com/logout i also have it copied to my profile page (for now) so i can find it:)

    it also seems to take a minute or two for your name to show up on the 'who's around' list..and even longer for it to disappear once you are gone

  • beanybeeganbeanybeegan Raw Newbie

    evergreen , boy are you lucky you have a profile page! I would really like to have my profile back.

    Kandace, ,,I had to sign up as a new member, as my name and pass word was not acknowledged. So, could this be the problem? Also, after this post, on the top of the page there is a big read message,"Data Base error etc giving a number."

  • evergreenevergreen Raw Master

    hi again, beany

    did you try to request a new password? ...EVERYONE has to reset their password on the new site ...this was on the home page a few days ago, maybe some people didn't see it:)you will get an email with a link to log in and reset your password for your old account, but some people are having trouble with it working..here is what it said:

    You should be able to log-in

    by kandace -Nov 14 2008 - 11:55am

    You should be able to log-in again by choosing "reset password." If you are having troubles, please write and send your username and email address that goes along with that username (and also your new email address if this has changed).

    Please note also that this is not the end look of the site! We wanted to get the improved functionality up right away, but are still working on bringing back features and re-creating pages (like the home page).

    this was originally posted here: http://www.goneraw.com/story/welcome

  • beanybeeganbeanybeegan Raw Newbie

    I have tried every thing. I am just going to wait for a times, time, then get to the bottom of this. I am sure there will be less frustration-for me.

    Now every forum I go to it asks for me to log in. "log in" is not on "Home" the way one would normally log in. eeeek!

    There is now 2 "beany" on , "Online users" Amazing!...I figured out how to see my profile. The other beany left.(?) I am sure Ray and Kandace are tearing there hair out!

    Thanks for your help.

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