NEW FEATURE: Mac Widget and Recipe View Counts

We’re pleased to announce a couple new things today for raw food lovers – especially those of the Mac persuasion! First, we have a brand new Gone Raw dashboard widget for Mac users to grab. Just double-click on the file to extract the widget, then double-click on the widget to install it. You’ll need to be running Mac OS X Tiger for it to work.

One note, however. This is a really rough, early version of the widget. We’ll keep working on it. For now, it simply shows you a summary of the 15 most recently added recipes, including the photo if there is one.

Another little addition today is that you can now see how many times a recipe has been viewed – it’s on the right side of the screen by the little photo of the person who added the recipe. Note that the view counts are really low right now, because they’ve only started counting today! Definitely look for those numbers to grow.

We hope you enjoy these additions, and we’d love to hear any other ideas you might have!


  • just added the widget, fabulous! ;)

  • I just added it too. VERY cool.

  • yessssssssssssssss widgets are fantastic! love it

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