I tried Durian for the first time this weekend... w.o.w!

It tastes just like flan to me! I was so excited!!!!!!!! I have always been a sucker for pudding and custard, and that was one thing that I have been missing since going vegan.

How could I make a raw version? For the custard, I would just blend the durian for a consistent consistency.

any suggestions for the carmellized/burnt sugar on top?


  • RawKidChefRawKidChef Raw Newbie

    Mmm burnt sugar, lol, that does sound pretty tasty. Try drying some dates until they get hard and grind them into a sugar, add a little nut butter if you want, and some pumpkin pie spice for a spicy carmelly sugar effect.

  • I just added a raw flan recipe on here. No great substitute for the crunchy caramelized sugar though... Sorry. But it tastes super yummo!


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