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New Raw Foodist On The Block

Hi, everyone. I'm Kaia and I've been a (non-raw) lacto-ovo vegetarian for the past nine months. I've been studying nutrition and decided to convert to being a raw vegan for health purposes. But... yeah, it's harder than I thought. I found this site via other raw food websites and everyone here looked friendly and helpful so here I am.

Just wanted to introduce myself and say hi. Thanks for having me.


  • Hi...I'm new too! Just wanted to say that picture is hilarious! Love it!

  • chriscarltonchriscarlton Raw Newbie


  • Do you pronounce your name with a short A or a long A? My name is Kaya, and I pronounce it with a short A.

  • Thank you everyone for the welcomes. :)

    Balletomane: pronounced with a short A. I think it's pronounced the same way as yours if I'm saying it right (KiYah).

  • Welcome. Please feel free to ask us anything, we are all a friendly bunch. You will find this site very supportive and encouraging. Good luck in your journey.

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