raw college athlete taking a spring semester break from school: raw jobs/activities?

Hey fellow raw-lifers,

I'm a senior at New York University, burnt out on school and taking the spring semester off. I'm very interested in sustainable organic living, outdoor physical activity (especially gardening/farming, sports/games, dancing), and being apart of a stimulating social community.

I'm looking to share enjoyment of life with like-minded people for seven months before I return to school in Fall '09 to graduate.


I am majoring in history but have undertaken a broad collegiate education (creative writing, philosophy, political science, music theory, cooking, anatomy via dance, sculpture, art history, sociology, business, [environmental] law, anthropology, and consumerism studies). While I did not take math in college, I was very good at it in high school (pre-calculus).

...based on a year of fairly intense research and observation, I am a strong believer in the "use it or lose it" philosophy; I am always happy--even desirous--to help.

However, I do have some student loans I would like to start

paying off; I would prefer to spend my 'leave of absence' in

a place where I can make some kind of income while being


SO any advice on communities/jobs to check out, and/or if you know

of anyone/friends/employers that are looking for a guy of my background/interests...'much appreciated!!



P.S. unless international flights are paid for, I'm looking mostly in the U.S. (especially Oregon, California, and Massachusetts)

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