Can you please tel lme how to do Colonic and what are the benefits of it!?

thank you!


  • Colonics (my favorite now!) is a waste removal process by the use of gravity flowing water, expelled through a tube carrying all of your waste matter. This is something you get done by a certified colon hydro-specialist. When I got one done, I used the gravity closed-system method and it was great! A colonic usually lasts anywhere from 45-60 minutes, various price ranges (I paid $75), and is a totally relaxing yet a self-being awareness experience. An enema on the other hand is done at home with a home kit, and does not reach as far into the colon as a colonic would, but is still effective. And it's shorter also. If you are interested in getting one, research online for certified specialist in your area, call up a few places and see what methods they use. I opted for a closed gravity method, as I've read and heard that that is the safest, cleanest, and most comfortable method. Good Luck! and seriously, they make you feel so great! I just had one about two weeks ago and I'm ready for another! :D

  • Is that the one they stick something in your bum? I'm the male part of DinkoZlatina so if ...yeah i will think abouy it.I want to get as clean as possible! I will do the reserch.

  • Yes, they do stick something in your bum. I know, it's a weird thought, but you don't even feel or notice it. and you just end up becoming fascinated with how your feeling inside, being filled up with water, and then feeling it all being released. Trust me, it's a very safe procedure and way cool. But do think about it, knowning something's in your bum can be awkward :)

  • :) niceso they will F me and charge me for that [:o,really i bet is good but it will take time for me to do that.Loking forward to it!

    Thank you

  • Mwahahaha! That's what I like. A sense of humour when discussing such crappy topics (excuse the pun). D&Z, you'll have no trouble finding someone good in the GTA (greater Toronto area) to help you out. I must say that you WILL feel and notice the hose up your bum, but it's not as traumatic as it sounds. Keep your thoughts on the end result, which is to help toxins stored in your intestines to pass on through and exit out the back door.

  • hahahaha i will thank you!

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