Help me Detox myself Fast!!!!!!

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Hi everyone. I really need some advice on some overall detoxing. I've been on tour with a Shakespeare company for the past couple of months and they have been providing our meals from town to town...which would be fantastic if people knew what raw veganism was in small small towns across america...which they so far do not. Sometimes they had never even heard of veganism!! Because of lack of supplies and refrigeration, I've had to eat some cooked foods and a little bit of whole grains, some of which I'm pretty sure were probably cooked in butter or something like it. Basically it's the end and now I feel AWFUL!!!! I was hoping that some of you wonderful people could help me figure out some sort of detox program for next week when I am back among wonderful nyc and it's natural food sources. I've done the Master Cleanse before but was hoping for something like it but a little less severe. The last time I did the Master Cleanse I became severely and scarily anemic by the end of the cleanse. Please please share your bountiful knowledge and help a girl out!!!


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    Do a search on "juice feasting". It sounds like it would be much easier on the system and gives a good cleanse.

    Happy detoxing. :)

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    Thanks bluedolfin....I would love to do juicing, but don't have a juicer. How much nutritional value would I lose by just blending instead? I've always wondered about the benefits of juicing vs. blending

  • ericaswfsericaswfs Raw Newbie

    thank you so much bluedolfin! I most certainly will post an ad and hopefully something will pop up!

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    It's not the nutritional value that is the issue, though one does get more nutrients when drinking juice per volume and it is easier to digest... But doing a smoothie cleanse probably would be a good thang also. Anytime you "clean up" your intake in whatever way you do, it is a good thang.

    Oh, one way to "juice" is to throw whatever you are "juicing" in a blender and then strain/squeeze out the juice of the blended mixture using a nut bag or clean paint strainer... just another option.

    To get a juicer, you might post a "wanted" ad on for your area and/or monitor offerings. Or, just keep putting it out there that you are looking for a juicer... never know what will "appear"...

    Happy experimenting.

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    My privilege ericaswfs~

    FYI... I just did a little editting on the previous message...

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