A formal hello...from DC

Hi. So, if I'm going to start posting on here, I figured I would offer a friendly introduction.

I have been making a couple of recipes here and there from the website for two months now, and since everyone here seems so nice, I figured I would join the dialogue! Hopefully I can learn a lot from you all!

I have had a lot of health problems the last 10 years of my life. Before that, I ate a vegan diet (albeit, a poor vegan diet)for four years, and a vegetarian diet since age 13. My total health has simply declined over the past decade, and I want to take control of my health again and lead a life that simply makes sense to me. So far, so good! And thanks for this great site!


  • hello heloise. welcome. im from the northern virginia area and i hear theres a great raw food meetup/potluck in the arlington area. you might want to check that out. search on meetup.com

  • There's a raw food meetup/potluck in the DC metro area? Fabulous! I may look into it as well. Thanks DreamBrother.

  • yay! fellow washingtonians! yeah...i heard about that potluck, and I hope to check it out sometime in the near future. thanks!

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