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Hello, I'm a newbe!

I am new to this site and I am so excited that there is a place like this for me!!! I am not totally raw, but I would love to be sometime in the future. It is very difficult, I live in Milwaukee, WI and if you are not familiar it is the land of Beer and cheese! I was pretty sickly my whole life and 2 years ago I decided to stop taking all meds and see if being sick was linked to my diet. Through this journey I found out that I am allergic to Dairy. I have not looked back since.

I love the fact that when you really pay attention to how you eat you can feel how each piece of food effects your body. This life style amazes me everyday.

Thank you so much for being here. If there is anyone in the Milwaukee area it would be good to know. We can trade good places to go....etc!!!

Funny story! The first time I stopped eating Dairy, I was at my friends bar and I ordered a pizza, for the entire time I ate my cheeseless veggie pizza she continued to make comment after comment about how she could not believe that anyone could live without eating cheese!!!!! (these are the people that I deal with here in Milwaukee) I love this city, but it is a city where the people are very closed minded in the food department.

Thanks again for being here



  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Life without cheese is pretty good actually isn't it!! Glad to meet you here.

  • Thanks for the response I'm going to check out your web site for your bussiness!!

    I don't even think about cheese any more; )

  • Rachael - welcome. You'd probably need to put on some armour - the comments will fly, from family and friends. But your body will thank you for listening to it.

    I took my first bite of raw corn two days ago, and last night I dared to sound excited about it to a girlfriend... The horror on her face stopped me in mid-sentence.

    You'll get a ton of support here, the people here are happy angels.

    Hope to hear more from you as you continue your journey!

  • Welcome Rachael,

    I have a few raw freinds moving back Milwaukee, WI. They should be there now. Contact Queenfluff and her boyfriend JP on this site. They helped me out a lot with my Raw Food journey. BTW: Queenfluff makes an awesome Mock Nacho cheese and sour cream.

    Might want to get involved with others in your area through meetup.com or giveittomeraw.com There's bound to be a Raw Food support group in your area.

    Best of luck and be Strong.

    Warmest wishes,


  • antakaranahantakaranah Raw Newbie


  • Thanks so much for all the info!!!

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