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Any Nurses out there?

aimeeaimee Raw Newbie

Hi guys,

I'm an R.N. in a big hospital operating ward. I work in Anesthetics.

I've been in Intesive care and E.R. also. I am finding it getting harder to work as a nurse, all the while knowing that 80% of the patients could be healthy if they changed the way they eat. Sometimes I get so annoyed at poeple for being so "dumb". Excuse me, for being so negative, but I have to get this of my chest.

One day this lady says to the doctor " O, doctor, just make me healthy, again!" (All the while her hipbone is rotting) He was dumbfounded and didn't know what to say. I felt so disgusted at her, that she could be so naiv. In my head I was shaking her and screaming "Wake up, they're killing you!"

Has any Nurse in Intensive care seen a patient go home healed? I seen all of one. He wanted to get well, and worked hard at it, plus his support system(wife and family) wore constantly chearing him on. Most patients get in the hospital and leave with more pills, more debilitated and sicker then ever.

When poeple critisize me, becuse of the raw food, I just think " Keep eating those burgers, that way I'll always have a job." Isn't that awful of me?


  • I can totally understand your feelings. I am a R.N. and I have worked in many clinical settings for the past 10 years. It can be very upsetting to see a patient NOT realize how important their health is. I try not to be too judgemental because before I was educated to the raw lifestlye, I had similar eating habits, just like my patients. I am not 100% raw, not do I choose to be. I do feel healthier on this lifestyle, but it isn't for everyone. I work with some pretty large women and I shake my head when I see the kind of food they eat, granted they do the same to me with my food. I try my best to educate them and I also bring in samples of raw food to try. I always start with someone sweet, so far they have enjoyed what I have made. As a society and culture, many believe "pills" are the cure for everything. We forget that we are what we eat. Seems simple enough, but people still aren't getting it. I say educate, educate, educate. You can only do so much. Promote healthly eating habits and exercise regardless of the diet they choose. Oh yeah, don't forget about portion size. Good Luck

  • Hey, I am RN in the UK and working in a cancer ward. I feel soooo sure that the chemo has a negative effect and as for radiotherapy, well, let's say, don't go there! I know they say some people recover, but I really feel eating healthy (at least) could turn things around for them. I would love to take round a trolley of smoothies rather than the cups of tea and coffee but I know that actually changing their diet too radically by the time I see them, it may be just that bit too much. Btw Aimee, I did theatres on placement as a student two years ago, and was really unwell for weeks afterwards. It was interesting work tho. The work you do is good, though, remember that. I am not totally raw either 3relefords, but I feel that what I am doing is helping me through the day. I would love to educate them, but I have absolutely no time, except to dish out pills, TPR and all the other stuff we nurses have to do!

    Oh, have you seen Raw for 30 days? or something like that, about the diabetics? I haven't seen it yet, but its really good apparently.

  • Hi all,

    I am a nursing student and I graduate May 2009.

    I was all for western med before I sat through pharm. I cant believe what big pharma allows people to do to their bodies.

    In the last 2 years I have taken responsibility for my health and became raw. Also, I have discovered that I really don't want to be a nurse, but I already have a job commitment (they paid my way through school). It will be hard, but if you 3 are doing it, I guess I can too.

    I try to incorporate some holistic healing into my day. Even if it is just cleaning my patients room and letting in some sunshine-Thank you Florence.

    - Kat

  • Hi Aimee,

    I can really understand your frustration. I was a physical therapist for several years and it really bugged me to see people referred to PT for knee pain (just one example) while they were 150 pounds overweight and eating acidifying food AND baking all the time, bringing in baked "goodies" for the therapists! We did what we could but they would usually come back when things got worse again or for rehab after their total knee replacement surgery. I always felt like shaking some sense into them. But my hands were tied there without the authority to give nutritional advice as a physical therapist.

    I took matters into my own hands though, I went back to school and became a naturopathic doctor, so now I get to give all the nutritional advice I want!! I still think of those PT patients though. I hope to someday integrate my two fields of interest so patients can really feel the benefit. For now, people just think of me on the lunatic fringe and ask me "What's that green thing you're eating (or drinking)?" LOL

  • aimeeaimee Raw Newbie

    I remember this one guy, he was around 50, but in top shape and very good looking. He had to have his prostate removed, due to "cancer". I was the first in Op to greet him and get him ready, this man was in tears. He kept saying" there goes my life, don't need this Penis anymore" and stuff life that. And I felt so sorry for him. I felt like I was one of the monsters doing this to him, and I was. But ,if I'd told him to get out of there as quik as possible, stop all meat and dairy and go vegan, and he would had accually done it( referring to me), I would have been burned at the stake. Anybody that has watch a prostate being removed or a total removal of all feminine organs or any kind of operation accually will see the resemblence to the slaughter house. I can't believe sometimes the nerve of docters to mutilate poeple in that way.

    Or this one small child that had to have his Tonsils and Adenoids removed. He was totaly stopped up and had that slimy breathing noise. When we took him into the pre-room the father yells" If he gets thirsty,afterwards, he loves milk!" What a moran or a person with Munchhausen Syndrom.

    A friend that works in the film industrie gave my this key chain that you can wear around your neck, I have my work keys on them. It's from the movie SAW and it says whose blood will flow on it in creepy black and red letters. I'm constantly reminded of this movie in neurosurgical OP when they put the Mayfield on the Patients head. Surgeons ask me if I like horror and splatter movies. I say no have enough of it here.

  • Linda,

    How hard was ND school? What were your study hours like? Are there older students in ND school?

    Thanks, Katherine

  • Hi all, sorry Leafekat that you feel that way after doing all that work and now you don't want to nurse - at least you know where you don't want to channel your energies!

    I don't know if it is different in the US but it still helps to go through the training and some experience, even if you don't agree with it, because being a nurse does bring some credibility to what you say to others about eating habits and lifestyle, etc. Also, it gives you a valid voice against the system.

    It also gives you insight into big pharma and the way things work (or don't work lol!) Love the ref to Florence, THAT would constitute nursing in my opinion.

    sorry, aimee, you had to witness butchery on someone who might not have needed that surgery. We have someone on our ward now, she is 35 and a lawyer, she is sedated and ready to die and I just want to cry because they promised her this chemo and that chemo and radiotherapy and for what...She overheard the dr saying the weakness in her arm is probably metastases in her brain and since then she's deteriorated.

    Psychoneuroimmunology is good thing to study, mind body connection. Your prostate man can't get his prostate back, that is not going to help him mentally. This girl will die cos she overheard the dr. I see that kind of thing happening a lot.

    And well done, Linda, (Nutritional Dr) I am hoping to do Nutritional therapy here, but not sure it won't be clamped down by government.

    Sorry - long post that!

  • Katherine,

    Naturopathic school was very time consuming for me, I studied as an older student (over 25 years old, since most others in my class were right out of undergrad). There were several older students though and I had no lack of people to hang around with or study with that were my age. I graduated from the National College of Naturopathic Medicine (NCNM) in Portland, OR. A good website to check out if you are interested is www.naturopathic.org, our national organization. They list all of the "real" naturopathic schools, since there are some fake and mail-order schools out there that should be avoided like the plague.

    Overall the program was very complete, with basic sciences, clinical diagnosis, laboratory diagnosis, special focus classes (like cardiology, gastroenterology for example), minor surgery, IV, pharmacology PLUS all of the naturopathic treatment classes like botanical medicine, homeopathy, physical medicine, nutrition, etc. In the end, you would be trained as a primary care physician.

    I'm sure you know that naturopathic medicine is really in line with most of what is discussed on this website, prevent disease, treat the cause, etc. I wouldn't want to practice medicine any other way!


    PS - thanks for the good word Debs and good luck with your nutritional study.

  • Hi all,

    Linda, had a look at that link, the course looks awesome. I just wish they had an equivalent over here. I have a friend in America and she's been trying to tempt me to live out there, maybe that would be an excuse to do so!

    There is a course here with a lecturer that must have done your course but at Bastyr uni.

    There is a lot of nutritional therapy bashing going on because a patient of a therapist drank 5 pints of water and then vomited lots, and the therapist said she could get dehydrated so drink more water, woman ended up in ICU and has brain damage. no proof it was NT but medical side were baying for blood of course. She wasn;t told to drink five pints all in a go, just four pints throughout the day!

    They are trying to provide accreditation, which would be right IMHO, but because of all that, it is up in the air. Thanks for the good luck, i might need it!

  • I am not a nurse, but I work closely with a lot of mental health patients in the field of Soc work. It is so dificult to see people being over medicated!!!! I always mention to my clients that eating properly can help them improve. It breaks my heart seeing them over do soda and cigs and McDonald's or any fast food, they are addicted to all those things on top of being dependant on there meds.

    As a social worker we get invited to those dinners where pharmacy companies will push the "med of the day" It just sickens me!!!!!!

    And as a person who has struggled with anxiety I can tell you that the improvements through eating living foods out weigh meds anyday!!!!!!!

    My job pays the bills and I still can let people know about healthy eating! Sometimes I think it would be nice to see a more wholistic approach to mental health and all healthcare, but until the pharmacy companies are not in charge anymore I don't see that happen.

  • omg mlw how awful is that, to sit through dinner listening to legal drug pushing!

  • Linda thanks for the info on ND school. It helps hearing it from someone who experienced it rather than the school recruiters.

    When I go to MDs all I want them to help me do is find the cause of my discomfort. Instead they give me drugs- so frustrating.


  • Trust me I don't go anymore!!! I used to go to the dinners because its a free meal and drinks, but now I don't eat that way and I don't drink and even though sometimes a free meal sounds good (when you make meager wages) I try and stand by what I believe now instead Im better off!!!!

    The health care industry is soooo crazy! I love this site because I can finally express these things with out being considered crazy myself!!!

  • Cool MLWGirl, sometimes sticking to your principles at work can be really hard, esp where there is a lot of peer pressure, good on you girl!

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