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carrie6292carrie6292 Raw Newbie

So, my healthfood store has stopped carrying Lydia's Organic crackers:( I love those things! They weren't selling enough time before the items expired (or so they tell me!). So, they told me that if i found an alternative, they'd be happy to order some. But, i don't know of any alternatives. I thought i'd ask here and see if anyone has any favorite pre-made raw crackers??? Thanks!!!


  • RawKidChefRawKidChef Raw Newbie

    Why not just order the lydias online? thats what i did.

  • carrie6292carrie6292 Raw Newbie

    I would, but my healthfood store sells them for about $0.20 cheaper than they do - and i don't have to pay shipping and handling. I will do that if i have to, but i was wondering if anyone has tried any other brands that they enjoyed.

  • Hi Carrie-

    There is a brand of flax crackers called "foods alive" that I really like. I love the mexican and onion/garlic flavors. The original flavor seems kind of cardboardish tasting to me but the other varieties are very flavorful and delicious! I buy them at my local co-op for about $6 per bag.

  • I like these:


    The woman who makes them is a local raw guru and a real sweetheart.

    They're yummy. Spinach Curry is my favorite.

  • daniefondaniefon Raw Newbie

    I know you are looking for premade crackers. But, if you decide to make your own, there is a recipe on this site called Crazy Bread Crackers. They are cheap, easy and delicious. I make 5 and 6 batches at a time and always have them around. They remind me of cheezits.

  • CalebCaleb Raw Newbie

    I will post a great cracker recipe online later when I Get on my home computer. I make it a lot and they are wonderful.

    daniefon, any idea where that Crazy Bread Cracker recipe is? There is currently no recipe search function.

  • Hi Caleb,

    I have the Crazy Bread Cracker recipe in my recipe box - here is the link:


  • daniefondaniefon Raw Newbie

    Caleb, when you make them, which I highly suggest you do!, try using a little fresh tomato instead of the dried, it's easier and I think it tastes better. Plus, when I started making them I had millions of tomatoes. Also, I have found that if you store them in the fridge, they are a little crunchier. And, double the quantity, you'll be glad you did. I took some of these on a trip with me recently and the two people I went with wanted me to start making them and selling them!! They are that good. I always have my friends try things that I make, and usually most of them like whatever I've made, but there will always be someone who is iffy, not the case with the crackers, everyone loves them. I guess I need to thank whoever posted the recipe.

    Ok, have I gone on long enough???

  • I would suggest you really have a go at making your own if you have a dehydrator. You can add flavourings to your taste. Do 9 trays at once so you can store some, lasting for a month or two. I have a recipe'fantastic flax crackers' I think they're on this site if you do a search.


  • CalebCaleb Raw Newbie

    Here is the one I was talking about, it also includes a recipe for a pizza crust that is really good.


    1 cup sunflower seeds, soaked 1 hour

    1 cup almonds, soaked 2 hours

    1/2 cup sun-dried tomoatoes, soaked 1 hour

    2 chopped bell peppers (red, yellow or orange)

    1-3 jalapones, depending on how spicy you want them (I used one and recommend cutting out the seeds

    2 cups golden flax, ground fine

    1/2 cup lime juice

    1 tbsp cumin powder

    1 tbsp chili powder

    1 tbsp sea salt

    1 big handful of cilantro (or parsley or basil)

    Food Processor: sunflowerm seeds, almonds, tomatoes. Pulse to chop. (For pizza recipe, save 1&1/2 cups of this mixture before adding the rest). Add peppers, flaxseed, lime juice, cumin, chili and salt. Mix well. Add water if needed to get it to a spreadable consistency. Taste for seasoning. Add cilatro and pulse to incorporate.

    Spread very thinly on the dehydrator tray.Dehy at 115 for 8 hours. Tear into small chips and lay dry side down on the tray and dehy again for 3-4 hours until the edges curl and become crisp.

    For the pizza crust:

    I saved 1&1/2 cups of the aforementioned recipe and added 2 cups of golden flaxseed fine ground. Add water to make it a pastey consistency. Spread slightly thicker on dehy trays to make it more crust like. Dehy for 8 hours on one side, then 4 hours on the other at 115.

    THis came out of another book but I can't remember which one, a friend sent it to me.

  • carrie6292carrie6292 Raw Newbie

    Thanks, everyone! I definitely do make my own, and I will try all of these recipes - a few this coming week too :) But, it's nice to have pre-made ones on hand "in case of emergency"... I have a 4 year old and my brain is fried half the time ;) Caleb, your crackers sound amazing!!! Thanks for all the help!!!

  • carrie6292carrie6292 Raw Newbie

    Sovajo - How come i can't find my recipe box???? I was just looking for this too!

  • I love making my own.

    Cheaper and they taste better. ;)

  • emtpdmomemtpdmom Raw Newbie

    Carrie, on your profile page click on the word recipes. That should be your recipe box.

  • hi first time on this site....so Calab, do you happen to have this wonderful cracker recipe on hand? i would love to try it. thanks

  • evergreenevergreen Raw Master

    hi carrie..there are some yummy vegan raw sprouted crackers from www.livinspoonful.com ...i believe they are also gluten free:)i am munchin on the 'sunny garden herb':)

  • I have new pre made ones in a bag ready to ship if you e-mail me at rawbryan@hotmail.com

    I have new Do~raw~itos that are thin and extra crispy crunchy! I like them really thin they are crispy and more fun and in triangle cut shapes they are better than super thick ones, the flavors:

    ~ Salsa(100% Organic, Garden Veggies, tomatoes, chilis, flax seed, spices)

    ~ Sesame Spice(Everything is 100% Organic, Veggies, flax seeds, sesame seeds, garlic and spices)

    ~ Reuben(Garden Veggies, Sauerkraut, flax seed, caraway, spices)

    Also my flax crackers are sealed for freshness and are made correctly that is they are heated in a dehydrator at 155' at first then slowly turned down to 114' as recommended by Gabriel Cousens MD in all his books he did 1,000 tests and research on Dehydrating what he found is if people start dehydrating at 118' to 111' or now people start at 108 to 110' what you are doing is creating CONDITIONS FOR MORE MOLD, YEAST, FUNGUS to grow on your food but it is microscopic! So a lot of dehydrated foods you have no idea if they are doing it correctly or not you may be eating TONS of mold, fungus and not know it and be increasing it in your body thinking "Oh this is healthy!" but unless they start at 155' then slowly turn down the temp mold and yeast, fungus is growing and thriving in the "dehydrated food!" because you are creating A WARM MOIST CONDITION = MOLD but it is MICROSCOPIC so you cannot see it, smell it or detect it but it is in your food! This is BAD NEWS because you will get more mold, yeast, fungus, candida in your blood and body= disease Again Gabriel Cousens MD did serious lab research and analysis and published it in his books for our benefit, most people do not even know this they even advertise that they only dehydrate at 108' or 100' to keep "enzymes alive" but this is creating MOLD in the food, also Gabriel reports when you start at 155' your food won't be cooked and is still alive, raw, because dehydrator temp is ambient temperature but you will have the heat high enough to kill mold, germs, etc. then as you slowly turn down the temp there is no mold or microscopic bad guys in your food and then it is safe and good that is what I do with my crackers so it is correct and based on research.

    e-mail me if you are interested in my crackers at rawbryan@hotmail.com

    I hope the above info reaches out to a log of new people on here that have not done the research or know this very real fact, it makes sense too if you think about it.

    Also DON"T HATE ME because I am the one posting this info, it seems on here if someone else posts same info about a raw chef or author it is ok but if the actual raw chef or author happens to post the very same info all of a sudden it is SPAM or everypone jumps on that person venting all their hate and evil, do NOT DO THIS I am sharing info and good info. HAVE A RAWCKING DAY!!!

  • carrie6292carrie6292 Raw Newbie

    Thanks everyone! My healthfood store is giving me grief about ordering them, so i'm just simply going to have to make them ahead of time and store them.

    Thanks, Bryan! I appreciate your help!!!

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