Update question

Hey I don't know if this has been answered somewhere else but I had a couple questions with regard to the site update. First I was wondering - how do I get to my account info page? There used to be a setting at the top of the page and I could go right to my account and recipe box. It doesn't seem to be there anymore. Second, I noticed a neat new function a couple days ago where we could see where everyone was located on a map with "pins" in it. I can't seem to find that anymore (and I'm sure it doesn't help that I can't recall how I found it in the first place). Does anyone know where that is located?

Other than that I like the new design. I would have preferred it if the new recipes would show up on the first page and the pictures showed up next to the recipe titles but we can't all have what we want, right? :)

Anyway I'd certainly appreciate it if someone could give me a little advice on the two problems I listed above.

Thanks in advance! :D


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