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Greetings From Wisconsin

My husband, John & I are recent raw converts. We were vegetarian for six years, but ate eggs from our chickens. Now the cats and dogs are more than happy to have em!

Becoming raw was the most amazingly easiest thing I've ever done for myself..It felt like...like coming home or something. Always ready for a new health challenge, John was easy to convince.

We've got our vices though.. I need my healing soups during the cold months and John needs his black beans, so we are going to be allowing for these cooked foods. We cut nuts down to a minimum, and bumped the sprouts up so we are in fine tuning mode, which will take some real time.

We are pretty isolated from the rest of the world, living waaaay out in the boonies and because we have a greenhouse business so we are lucky to have fresh herbs and greens. Thanks for starting this wonderful space for sharing!

Peace From Thistledown

Lori & John


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    i know.

    i think this space is wonderful for sharing. it really helps to hear about new recipes and ideas. i have friend who lives in madison, wisconsin.

  • how nice to hear about your journey, thank you for sharing. welcome!

    my family is also keeping our cooked beans and soups in our diet for now.

  • drgonflydrgonfly Raw Newbie

    Welcome from another Wisconsonite! Where in Wisconsin are you from?

  • Ditto on the Wisconsin-ite! We are in Marathon, WI which is pretty much smack dab in the middle of the state. We are on a 40-acre hobby farm and have been recently talking about wanting a greenhouse. So, Lori & John, I hope you can help us out in getting started with greenhouse. We want to be able to have fresh greens and herbs all winter long.

    So where are you located and would you mind having email correspondence?

    Laura J

  • My bf and I just moved back to Milwaukee from California last week. We have a Raw Meetup here in Milwaukee. Don't know where Thistledown is though since I am actually from Chicago so I don't know all of Wisconsin.

    There is a raw deli which is very good in Menonomee Falls (sp?) called Raw Deal. At least, I think it is still there. If you are around that area, stop in and have their food.

  • Hello All!

    I just found out about this website today from a friend and am very much looking forward to finding some great tried and delicious recipes for quick fixes (as raw should be for everyday use) rather than gourmet.

    Thanks to all of you already for being out there and participating in supporting good health and happy minds, bodies and spirits.

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  • Hey Wiscosinites, Great to hear from you as well as you other folks too! Thanks for the greeting... We're situated about 25 miles N of Green Bay. If you would like to see what we have going on at here at Thistledown you can check out our website www.ThistledownGreenhouse.com

    I would be glad to help anyway we can Laura.

    Welcome to the area, Queenfluff. Cultureshock, I'm sure....We don't get to Milwaukee, but do get to Madison, as my daughter is there-Actually only for a bit longer as she's off to New Zealand for a year of WOOFING.(Workers Of Organic Farming)Leaves the day after Xmas.

    Thanks again for the welcome and back at ya!

    LittleGems, John just finished The China Study and has taken over my 'Live Food Factor' book and we've agreed...No more beans or anything! so I guess we're evolving again. We'll see...

  • Hello there!!! I'm glad you are enjoying the site too, I just became a member here and I love reading the forums. I'm in Milwaukee as well. I peeked at your site and it looks great, We'll for sure stop there when we go up north!

    Hello to you Queenfluff, have you tried the Chicago raw restaurant??? Thinkin about going there for a day trip.


  • Blue_EyesBlue_Eyes Raw Master

    I have been out on the road with my husband in the semi and we are in Wisconsin a lot his company is based in Marshfield. Maybe someday I will have the time there to join in on things.

    *Queenfluff* I am so sorry to hear that you are back in the Midwest. I know how much you loved Cali and it was your dream. And moving back now with winter here WOW. Hope the move is positive for you and all works out for the best. Maybe we might meet someday.

  • Blue_EyesBlue_Eyes Raw Master

    anyone know of any raw restarauts in Marshfield???

  • Hi Blue Eyes, The only Raw Restaurant here in Wisconsin that I know of is in Menomonie. It's called The Raw Deal. Don't get out much, so have not been there. I will be taking my daughter to Chicago to catch her fight to New Zealand, raight after X-mas, though so may check out the Chicago fare if time permits. Any reviews? Been to any?


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