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Also diabetic and wondering about the fruit

I have sent for the 80-10-10 diet book but I am concerned at the amounts of fruit that Dr Douglas recommends. He talks about fruit being the original food but fruits today are very different than they were in the past. With hybridization they have been bred for super sweetness. Most wild fruits are sour, except in the tropics.

I am definitely going to give it a try. I am an insulin dependent diabetic so I can get my blood sugar down if it goes too high but I'm a little nervous about it. Recent research came out that fructose was a cause of diabetes but I know that research is often wrong. Only testing will tell, I guess.


  • RawKidChefRawKidChef Raw Newbie

    I haven't read the book but if it recommends 20 bananas or something I wouldn't do it. If you want to eat a lot of fruit I would suggest navel oranges - they are lower in sugar that fruits like grapes and bananas and I don't think they are hybridized much. Just experiment with certain amounts of fruit - and increase the amount as you go. Measure you sugars and see what happens, but increase the fruit slowly so your sugars don't just shoot up.

  • achin70achin70 Raw Newbie

    You can see if it works for you, but the 80-10-10 diet really doesn't have any scientfic backing. Dr. Graham needs to do a longitudinal study including both fast oxidizers and slow oxidizers, and if both groups do well over the long-term, then I believe he's got something. I've heard about people healing their blood sugar issues on this diet, but what you don't hear about are the people for whom the diet didn't work. Make sure you distinguish between testomonial and hard science.

    The Phase 1 diet in Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine I believe is the way to go. You don't have to be on it forever, just about three months or so. You've got to stop feeding the fungi all that sugar in order to heal! You can use Xylitol and stevia as sweeteners, although they are not raw (in new upcoming version of Rainbow Green). LOL. :)

    I'm not sure about the navel oranges. I believe they are seedless, and therefore they are extensively hybridized. So they are likely higher in sugar, and lower in minerals. The lowest glycemic sweet fruits when coming off the Phase 1 diet (Phase 1.5) are berries, cherries, grapefruit and pomegranate (pomegranate will be added to the new phase chart coming out in the new version of Rainbow Green).

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    why do you want to do 80/10/10? just normal raw is enough to heal you. It can be difficult to go raw at first, putting further restrictions on it seems like a hard way to go raw. If I hadn't enjoyed my raw food, and eaten a wide variety of breads, cakes, pies and all kinds of raw foods during my transition, I doubt I would have made it.

    There has to be a journey done in stages for this to work long term. If you start out slowly by increasing your raw intake and gradually eliminating cooked foods. And at the same time making delicious recipes to replace the gap, you will be successful...it will still be hard and require will power and a bit of yo yo ing.

    I just can't imagine going raw straight into 80/10/10, but good luck if that's the way you want to do it. Let us know how it goes.

    I just read on your profile that you went raw 8 years ago but failed because you ate too much fruit. Aren't you setting yourself up for failure again here? Wouldn't it be more self supportive to take a different approach this time?

  • Hi Zoe,

    Since getting diabetes I have tried many diets. I did blame the diabetes on the fruit I ate but I no longer think that was the cause.

    So I have been doing a very low carb diet, high in fats and protein to keep the diabetes under control.

    But I feel toxic. I don't think all that fat is good for me, even the good fats. I just read about the 80-10-10 diet in an interview the doc did and he said that it is fat that causes diabetes and candida.

    So I thought I'd give it a fair shot. I'll try anything not to stick myself with needles all day long.

    I eat a lot of raw now so it's not such a big jump really. I don't go for all those pretend foods, pretend hamburger and pretend pizza. I'd rather just eat a bowl of fruit than mess with all the recipes.

    I didn't realize my old profile from so long ago was still here :-) Can't hide on the internet, can I?

  • steviostevio Raw Newbie

    Check out beyondveg.com there are some testimonials there about 80/10/10 bringing on diabetic like symptoms.

    I got the type II diagnosis in august. I reversed all of my symptoms and got my blood sugar under control in 6 weeks of raw eating about 55-65% carbs. I was off my meds within 8 weeks. I was eating 4 bananas per day, plus a couple pounds of other fruit. It has been about 14 weeks now, I am med free and my blood sugar always tests normal even if I 'stray' from my raw food and have something like pie and ice cream, my blood sugar response is now normal without meds. Of course, the refined sugar gives me a raging headache.

  • Thanks, Stevio, that's encouraging.

    I'll check out the link.


  • Hi Pam, I too couldn't figure out why I was diabetic although I do have a family history of it. I have done a lot of research and analysis over the past few months and as I mentioned on my thread, I am sure that it is rogue bacteria behind a lot of our health issues.

    I am sure in my case that it was probably triggered by anti-biotics when I was a child - they were given out like sweeties back then and for years after and in many cases totally unnecessarily. The damage they do to the gut flora can take years to manifest, but certainly I know that systemic Candida overgrowth has been a problem for me for years and that is a sure sign that the flora is out of balance. A healthy gut would keep it under control and in its rightful place as part of the normal gut flora. If the 'soldiers' have been decimated by the Anti-biotics and other drugs then there is nothing there to protect the digestive tract from opportunistic 'invaders'. Hippocrates said that 'all disease begins in the gut'. Wise man.

    Candida can travel all around the body causing mayhem anywhere. There are other 'beasties' too like Klebsiella which is linked to Ankylosing Spondylitis, and Proteus which is linked to Rheumatoid Arthritis. Who knows what other little beggars are getting up to mischief in there! It is an area with very limited understanding unfortunately but there are signs that there is more investigation going on in this field and recent tests very much back this up.

    We often talk about certain health issues being 'inherited'. Although we may inherit genetic weaknesses or pre-dispositions to certain things, what I rather suspect is more likely to be inherited is the bugs that trigger the diseases. Close family members share everything - including their bacteria.

  • SuasoriaSuasoria Raw Newbie

    I agree with Achin70 about Dr. Cousens' plan, and I just added some suggestions to AliBee's thread that you may want to check out as well.

  • Well, I didn't even get the 80-10-10 book yet but, thanks to all your input, I will definitely take it with a grain of salt. I've done a lot more reading on the net now.

    I read Dr Cousins book ages ago and all that fancy food did not appeal to me. The recipes seemed like a lot of trouble. Mono meals are much more appealing.

    But I ordered the Diabetes video yesterday also so that should be interesting.

    My doc cut back on my thyroid meds for hashimoto's yesterday because he is a disosaur and goes by tests instead of how I feel. So I'm hoping that a raw lifestyle will solve that problem as well.

    I also found a meetup rawfood group locally and will see them in a couple of weeks.

    So, now I'm off to Thanksgiving with the family where I will eat whatever is put in front of me as my last supper as an omnivore.

    Have a great holiday,


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