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Want to go raw so many concerns

Hey I was wondering i want to go raw this December but i was wondering is there any real way to get used to the taste of raw foods, i mean i cant help it they taste really earthy and have a strong flavor when cooked any advice out there?


  • blueyzblueyz Raw Newbie

    First piece of advice is to take it slow!!

    Wanting to go raw is great, but if you already have an issue with the taste of raw foods I suggest you transition slowly or you may just be setting yourself up for failure. What is it that tastes so 'earthy' to you? Realize that some things do taste very different cooked vs. raw but you can prepare them to taste different that what you know(I never liked kale until this year and now I love it). Good luck!

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    Start with green smoothies and then experiment! Find highly-rated recipes on here that look yum and give them a try, even in combination with your cooked food - for example, my favourite transition food was Rich Cheddar Cheese with Spicy Walnut Taco Meat, lettuce and salsa on a hot, non-raw taco shell.

    Be prepared to begin your idea of food preparation all over again. I went from being a highly accomplished vegan cook to feeling like I was six years old again, struggling to decipher cookbooks and trying flavour combinations that just didn't work :) The plus side is that a whole new world of food has opened up to me, when it was starting to feel pretty small and starchy...

    Good luck, stay strong, never hesitate to ask for help, support or clarification!

    - Tegan


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    Transition slowly with the following ideas:

    Breakfast and Snacks:

    Smoothies (both fruit smoothies and green smoothies). Keep the green smoothies heavier on the fruit so you really like them. All fruit smoothies are delicious and raw and wonderful for you, too. Have smoothies for breakfast and snacks - now part of your day is Raw.

    Next, have a salad every day for lunch and another one before your dinner. Get creative with your salads... they don't always have to be lettuce based. For example, a salad can be diced cucumbers and tomatoes sprinkled with fresh basil, sea salt, and drizzled with olive oil.

    - now, even more of your day is Raw!

    Next up... desserts! Pretty much all Raw vegan desserts are awesome, so start replacing your normal sweet desserts and snacks with Raw vegan options. - now, EVEN MORE of your day is Raw.

    This will get you started, then as your body gets more alkaline, I'll bet your taste buds starts liking (and craving!) Raw foods more and more. If you find some recipes that you don't like... no fear! Just keep trying. There are bound to be a bunch out there that will please you. I have some free recipes on my blog. A particular favorite among my readers is the Pecan Spice Delight Cookies. Check it out :)

    Cheers and Happy Holidays,

    Kristen Suzanne


  • Raw CurlsRaw Curls Raw Newbie

    What in particular are you finding 'earthy'? I don't find too much earthy except for sprouts. Are you eating fruits?

  • Yea i do it fruits but certain veggies have an earthy taste to them its hard to explain :)

  • Blend your veggies into soups, salads, cracker doughs.

    I don't like dandelion greens straight up raw alone, but mixed in my green smoothies, soups, chopped up in salads wtih a nice sweet tahini dressing, I like them.

    Like someone mentioned, you have to experiment with different recipes. Also like someone said here, I LOVED kale cooked but hated it raw. Now I can't get enough of raw Kale Chipotle salad.

    I feel it's ingrained into our genetic code to like vegetables(what we are meant to eat), so I really think anyone can learn to love them.

  • ladydaventryladydaventry Raw Newbie

    I know what you mean, sprouts, mushrooms and broccoli all taste earthy. Raw mushrooms an absolute no no for me. Thank goodness for carrots, cabbage and cauliflower!! They taste ace raw.

  • thanks everyone for your comments; they helped my a lot :)

    I am going to try a green smoothie today :)

  • Hi Jalyses,

    I'm transitioning myself, and I find soups have really helped me get used to an array of different raw tastes I wasn't so crazy about when I started. Search for the "Creamy Red Pepper Soup" - that one is really a favorite of mine, and I make it all the time! I have to say, at first it tasted a little earthier than I wanted, but now I crave it and just whip some up! You can also try making some "cheese" recipes and eat them with veggies. Vegan Tegan mentioned the one I was thinking of in particular - "Rich Cheddar Cheese - really, really good and really easy! Keep preparing recipes and experimenting. I find the act of just preparing the food to be an experience in and of itself, and I think it's gotten me excited about tastes I never EVER thought I would like before! Good luck!

  • Hi, I have been 80% raw for the last 1.5 month. 6 month ago I have lasted 4 month 100 % raw. My observation from the previous experience - I had way too much nuts (and deserts) - and I did not feel that great... Plus I gained weight (though hoped to lose some) Now I go easy with nuts and deserts and feel much more energy. I still have cooked buckwheat or quinoa now and then,,,

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