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Lemons changed my life.

A funny thing happened to this vegan. I was having trouble with peanuts, yeast, soy, acne, bloating. I thought I was being healthy as a vegan but I need to do some house cleaning. I went on the Master Cleanse by Stanley Burroughs for 7 days and a funny thing happened. When I went back to eating food I did not want cooked food. The cooked food I ate made me feel sick and bloated. I was not satisfied. I had experimented with some raw recipes in the past (mostly for lunches to bring to work.) But never considered switching to a raw food diet. After my cleanse my body craved raw foods and I found I had a knack for converting previously loved cooked recipes into raw cuisine. Check out my blog: makeeverydayraw.blogspot.com to snag more recipes I adapt and post. Love the raw community. -Pea


  • hi pea :)

    I’ve done the master cleanse as well … twice!! but i always ended up eating cooked foods afterward – it’s what my mom buys and puts on my plate. i’m leaving to go to college in about a month and a half, and i’ll be buying all of my own food and making my own meals – so i look upon this whole thing as an opportunity to make the most of the detoxifying i got from the cleanses. congrats on feeling better!

  • Yo, same thing happened to me. I did the MC for ten days six months ago and have been raw ever since. And I was no vegan before either! It’s a miracle worker.

  • peanut pea, sounds to me like you have a yeast overgrowth. consider doing a candida cleanse. that will free all your allergies. EVEN THE BLOATING!

  • Earthintruder, Your absolutely correct! I’ve had a yeast overgrowth for a few years now. I’ve gotten over the worse of it a 2 years ago however I am still really sensitive. I am especially sensitive to wheat, sugar, and dairy. I haven’t been able to prepare myself to give up all forms of sugar for a few months to starve the yeast off, in the summer I really crave fruit. I have not tried a herbal candida cleanse. I have dabled in homeopathy which works wonders for some symptoms, but I am weary of candida homeopathy meds. which have candida albicans in the dose. Any cleanse reccomendations?

  • How do you know if you have a candida over growth? Is there a test you can take?

  • What are the symptoms of candida/ How long do you need to go without sweet fruits to nix the problem..please tell me more about this.

  • It’s not fruits that are the problem with candida, it’s fat! Fat interferes with the insulin/sugar reaction and the yeast that is naturally in our bodys, eats the excess sugar in our blood stream and grows out of control, IF we have too much fat intake. To get rid of excess yeast growth, don’t eat any fat for a week. It won’t hurt you and you’ll feel much better! Coconut, avacado, oils, nuts, seeds, and any form of fat should be avoided during that week. Hope that helps!

  • Ive never heard of the Master Clense. Can anyone direct me to soem resources. I still crave cooked food and have been still having glass of wine per night which id like to stop doing…old habits etc…!

  • There’s a good book on the subject on Amazon.

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