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KazzieKazzie Raw Newbie

Hi there

I stopped taking the Pill back in July. Since then my skin has been bad, dry patches and spots. Is this the pill detoxing out of me?? I was on it for a long time. I wonder if anyone has had this experience??

I am keeping about 80% raw with lots of cucumber and celery juice to help clear my skin. I also just use an olive oil soap and coconut oil on my face.

Any advice welcome.

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  • ladydaventryladydaventry Raw Newbie

    I have been considering coming off the pill, it has been a long and fraught 12 years!! I don't think my skin could get any worse being off the pill but I do have my concerns. I am still in the transition phase but last week I had 4 raw days in a row and my skin just glowed, unfortunately it has gone downhill since then. I hear so many conflicting opinions, some say avocado is great for the skin but I have heard some say that it makes their skin worse!!!! I am at the crossroads.

  • amberablueamberablue Raw Newbie

    hey girls: i was dealing with all of this just over a year ago. i was so confused about the whole pill detox thing and there isn't very much info out there. i learned the hard way that since the pill 'messes' our hormones, it definately can bring about some bad effects when going off of it. after trying a few times to get off the pill without the skin issues (which were pretty bad) i did it successfully. hope this helps:

    just some background: i had been on the pill for about 7 years. i have had several periods of time when i didn't take it, and the first few times i had no ill effects when going off of it (too bad i didn't just stop it then). but some time later after using it again and going off, i broke out really, really badly. this may have only happened once, but it was pretty drastic. at that time i was too upset about my bad skin, so i just stayed on it.

    several months later i had done some more research on how to go off of the pill more effectively, to alleviate the potential of a horrible breakout that could last awhile. this time it was a definate goal, as i realized that the pill was likely what was causing my anemia/iron (and probably other) deficiencies (due to inhibiting absorption).

    in the few articles i found, i read that taking wild yam/vitex and/or soy could help. these supplements help to balance your hormones so that your body doesn't just get thrown way out of balance. i am sure there are other supplements that could help as well. i should mention that i also was a bit healthier and not as deficient as i had been the first time i tried to go any case, i didn't suffer any side effects and my skin didn't break out. i wasn't even officially raw at the time, more like 70% raw/natural diet.

    kazzie: i would think you are probably over the pill detox phase, though i'm no expert. you may want to try the hormone balancing herbs because possibly your body is in need of some help there... just a guess. i use coconut oil on my face as well and it seems to work great. i still have breakouts from time to time, mainly from the monthly 'cycle'.

    avoiding all grains has been the biggest breakthrough i've found to clear up my skin for good. sometimes i still love raw oats/wheat sprouts though i eat them sparingly.

    the other thing that i've noticed about skin issues is that it can take quite a long time for you to see clearing. so be patient. awhile back i started eating the wheatberry sprouts thinking they wouldn't do too much damage to my clear skin... well, after a few weeks i broke out and it took almost a month after i stopped eating them to get clear again. so i guess it means patience is really needed here...bad news for us!

    sorry this is so long... just figured i'd give you all the ins and outs of my experience and i hope it helps you. good luck!

  • KazzieKazzie Raw Newbie

    Hi there Amberablue

    Thank you for all the information. I will try the herbs and see how I get on with them. My skin is getting better I have started doing face burshing and that seems to be helping. The main problem I have is dry patches that then break out. I have taken to carrying coconut oil around with me so I can keep dobbing it on. Even more now it is so cold.

    No problem about your post being long I am happy to have all the information and know its not just me!!

    Take care


  • amberablueamberablue Raw Newbie

    cool! and i really want to start doing facial/body brushing too. i didn't know that could help too, so thanks for mentioning that.

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