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New, but want to learn


I am interested in starting a raw food diet, for a few reasons.....

I have numerous food intolerances. Soy and dairy cause severe depression, moodswings,and crying spells. Wheat and gluten cause horrible itching skin,hives, fatigue,and severe brain fog and learning problems. Food dyes (even in medicines) cause me to be really hyper and get on everyone's nerves, can't sleep,etc. Running out of things to eat, I bought a can of pumpkin puree and mixed some rice milk, coconut oil, and some spices in it, and within one hour, I was literally losing it on my husband, and had to go to bed, I was so depressed all of a sudden! I have an appointment with an allergist in a couple of weeks, so maybe they can give me a better idea of all the things I am intolerant to.

I'm really having a hard time finding things to eat that I can tolerate, and seem to be developing more and more food intolerances all the time!

I have a lot of health problems. Type 1,insulin dependent diabetic. Hypertension, Hypothyroid, Fibromyalgia, very acidic body...can't eat or drink anything acidic without it causing pain all through my body. Chronic fatigue syndrome. Candida and parasites. Heavy metal overload (I have had fillings removed though).

I have a friend who developed breast cancer, and she went on a raw food diet, and juiced, and the cancer went away! Praise God! After a couple of years of being raw, she went back to eating normally, and the cancer came back in her colon. She went raw and juiced again,and the cancer again went away...by the grace of God!

So that tells me, along with reading about the health success that other people have had, that a raw food diet can help with a lot of conditions, as well as detoxing your body.

What is holding me back.....

I do not have the TIME to make all these fancy recipes at all, and would seriously get burnt out on fruit all the time. I eat apples every day, but cannot imagine them for a MEAL.

Can someone point me to a site for some quick, easy recipes that would keep for at least a couple of days, so that I would not have to prepare all the stuff every morning? There is no way I could do this-I normally eat driving down the road, I'm so disorganized and late, everywhere I go! lol

Are there any read made Raw foods that I can buy, to eat? I have heard that Larabars are raw, as well as a few other energy bars...but those are snacks...what about real food, like for lunch, etc.?

Also,what is something that I can carry with me that is sweet, that I can eat when my blood sugar goes low? Normally I carry small pieces of hard candy in my purse,but what is a raw alternative that will not melt all in my pockets?

Thanks for your responses! I look forward to meeting everyone here! God bless!


  • Hey Leyna,

    I'm new to raw too and believe me, I was a total junk queen before and probably ate 4 chocolate bars a day, 2 can's of full fat coke, several bags of crisps, toast for breakfast and before bed plus snacks all day long.

    I too suffered with mood swings and depression as well as bad skin, yeast infection, under-active thyroid, body slightly overweight and out of shape, IBS, heartburn every day, warts on my arms and legs, body odour and probably a few more to mention.

    After studying health when my son had a brain tumour, I came across raw and all the beautiful stories and so decided to try this for myself.

    I'll admit, my first 18 or 19 days were physically bad for me. See the post "IS this supposed to happen?!" and you'll see what I mean!

    But now I've gone down to 90% raw (I had some dark chocolate and red wine) I'm SOOO much better and feeling superb.

    Whenever I "cheat" now, my body tells me that it does not like it and I feel crappy. All the above symptoms reappear immediately and it's good because I know this is how I'm supposed to live.

    I too am busy and disorganized but I find that having a fruit and green smoothie prepared each night before work not only stops my cravings but gives me an amazing energy for the following morning.

    Try to snack on nuts and bananas - but not too much of either unless you want to put on weight!

    I now have smoothies (green and fruit) solo fruit all day and salad at night with a few nuts or chopped banana throughout the day and I never crash, feel cravings or feel hungry in the evening. Just eat as much as you like so as not to feel deprived. Drink lots of water too, it may be a cliche but in the past week since increasing my water I feel a lot fuller.

    I would recommend soaking nuts though - for digestion as mine is still not right!

    Good luck and stay focused. You can do it!

  • Raw_OrleansRaw_Orleans Raw Newbie

    I'd start taking some Herbals ... Like a Good Liver Cleanser... I would Eat Lots Of Nuts and Avacados... I'm no Doctor but 25 years ago I cured myself Of Hep C By finding herbal info on the net and eating Lots of fruit and Veggies... Of Course That was after my Doctor Brought Me Near Death With Pharmaceuticals... These Days the net has 10,000 times more info on herbals than in my day, so it should be easy... Stay away from Pharmaceuticals PERIOD. They Are Deadly... Use Gods Remedy instead! But Then again, I don't Know Much About Anything.... Seek out a Good Naturopathic Doctor I wouldn't come within spitting distance of a regular doctor unless I Break A Leg or something Else Mechanical... They Couldn't Cure a Good Case of The Runs... Sorry Sometimes I Babble...

  • Thanks for your reply! I have read your post about your detox symptoms..that was one of the main reasons I joined here! lol

    Ok, about smoothies....what do you use to "thicken" them? I eat very healthy most of the time, even though I'm not raw (yet!). I make my smoothies with coconut milk yoghurt, spinich, avacado, banana, flaxseed, rice syrup, and whatever other fruits I have around the house-usually apples.

    I understand that the yoghurt is not raw. And probably not the rice syrup either.

    So what do you use to "thicken" the smoothie? I like really thick smoothies, and I have tried making them without adding the yoghurt, but it's all runny. Yuck! I tried adding protein powders in the past, but that did not work either.

    Also, are the packaged rice milks raw? Can someone help me find raw products that are already packaged? I seem to be intolerant to honey...it makes me have a bad headache and neck/shoulder pain.

    Peanut butters do the same thing to me, although I can usually tolerate almond butters.

    Also, I eat a sandwich and an apple for my lunch break at work. Need ideas for a "sandwich alternative" for my lunch break. Filling. I cannot get full off a piece of fruit and then work the rest of the day.

    Oh...and what about smoked fish? Someone told me they were raw. You know, like the smoked salmon in a package that is ready to eat? I love that stuff! And what about tuna or sardines in a can?

    I'm sorry-I am probably posting all this in the wrong folder! lol

  • Thank you....actually I already avoid pharmacuticals as much as possible. I do take blood pressure medicine, thryoid medicine, and HRT. I know how bad that is, but I go literally insane without them. :(

    I take a lot of good herbs and vitamins already too. I also detox with Bentonite clay, coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, and flax seed. I do parasite cleanses (herbal) every 3 months as well.

    I feel a lot better than I USED to, but I still have a long long way to go. And I have been toying with the raw food idea for awhile now, and am just collecting some recipes and asking questions and will take the plunge very soon I know.

  • Raw_OrleansRaw_Orleans Raw Newbie

    I Read somewhere that The 4 Supplements EVERYONE should be taking are Spirulina, Chlorella, Alfalfa and Bee Pollen... These 4 Contain Virtually every Nutrient, Vitamin, Mineral and Enzyme Known to Man... That may be a good for your smoothies as far as a thickener goes... Salba is also a Supper food that works well... I use all of Them. Spiulinam and Chlorella taste greet in a smoothie... Or alone for that matter... Careful with bee pollen as lots of folks are allergic... (NaturalNews.com I Think)

  • I tried Bee Pollen one time, and got very very tired afterwards. Don't know if that was an intolerance or not. I can sometimes handle Spirulina...but Chlorella breaks me out in hives,and Alfalfa makes me depressed. *sighs*

    Does going on a raw food diet help with food intolerances? Could they possibly go away someday?

  • Hi Leyna,

    I am happy to forward you some e-books that I bought when I started my journey a few months ago. If you would be interested in it, please let me know your email address to send it to you.

    The strawberry girl :-)

  • Thank you-that would be very nice of you! You could send them to mardrae@yahoo.com God bless you!

  • Just curious, have you thought about beginning your eating life over??? Just like a new born, start with one item and eat nothing but it for a week... If there are NO problems then add a second item for the second week and repeat...

    This way you can slowly become raw as well as detoxing from the past...

    Good luck with your journey!!!

  • I have thought about that...but I have to "rotate" my foods,so that I don't build up a tolerance to them. I become intolerant to foods very quickly. :(

    I just bought a food processor and a little food chopper....so I'm gonna try to attemp a recipe or two.

  • Check out the Fibromyalgia Solution by Dr. Dryland(have/had fibro.)I'm doing the Elimination Diet at the same time as a Raw Vegan Diet. You basically elimiate a TON of food ingredients as try them back in one by one after three weeks of feeling less spikes in your symptoms. Then as you try them back one by one you can identify EXACTLY what triggers your symptoms..so far I've found the I am intolerant to garlic and raised sugar levels. Garlic gives me burps, gas and a massive headache about 30 min after consuming it. Spikes in my sugar also give me headache and brain fog. I still have yet to try many things back...I just don't want to know yet because I've been feeling so much better! RAW has helped me alot. I heal faster from injuries am more energetic and clear headed. This time last year I was painstakingly fighting insurance companies while running here and there to physical therapy and doctors appointments in vain and in PAIN. I couldn't exercise without feeling like I was gonna pass out and I couldn't think clearly enough to get through a algebraic math problem. I was strongly considering taking a year off between high school and college because I wasn't getting better and couldn't imagine moving to college and succeeding. Now (8 months later)I can walk(sometimes jog) for 30-35 min on the treadmill or bike 4 times a week. I can do yoga 3 times a week and most exciting I have a B in MATH!! Shocker! My brain has to work still, but it doesn't get lost in the fog! It's amazing!

    So first I suggest you take a deep breath. in. out. and ask God to give you peace in place of any overwhelmed feelings you may be having right now. Then make up your mind to give it a try!

    Two books I benefited from are The Fibromyalgia Solution by Dr. Dryland and The Hallelujah Diet by George Malkmus.

    Now I can tell that your concerned about meals. I was freaked out at first too! What? Salad for every meal?? But you'll find that after a while of forcing the fruits and veggies your taste buds will change and you'll actually crave them...I NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS would have thought that I'd EVER crave raw SPINACH! But I do. That and Romaine lettuce! And I used to hate kale cooked! Now I like it better RAW! So commit to patience as the doors of pain-causing food close and the doors of life and vibrancy open up your world! I'm sure you've tried many, many things like drugs and therapies to get better treat this one with HOPE!

    Some good sugary snacks that might help your sugar are pineapple, grapes, pretty much any dried fruit (make sure the fruit is the only ingriedient, no sugar, sulphates added).

    It's a lifestyle change so you may need to make time to prepare food. And if you have people around ask for help with chopping veggies or washing dishes and make it a bonding experience.

    You can always eat whole fruits or veggies for a meal. It's called mono-eating "eating one". So eat on kind of fruit of veggie for a meal. Virtually no prep there!

    Best Wishes and prayers! Feel free to contact me if you want to talk more :) Manelymop@live.com

  • Hi Lenya,

    I am sending to your email address all the information I promissed. Hope it doesn't go the spam folder.

    Have a nice weekend!!

    The strawberry girl

  • Hi Lenya,

    I only managed to send you 3 emails but I will send more tonight because I have to go to the hair salon now.

    I will be in touch again :-)

    The strawberry girl

  • TomsMomTomsMom Raw Newbie

    You're making it much too complicated, Lenya. Just relax and enjoy your transaction. Make it as easy on yourself as possible. There is nothing hard about a vegan raw food diet. It takes only minutes to create a fresh, green salad with chopped veggies and fruits. Lunch at work is easy. Stuff a container full of fruit and salad. Bring a thermos of green smoothie.

    Of course one apple won't fill you up! Eat two or three apples. Who told you one apple was a meal? Eat what you need.

    You won't build up a "food intolerence" with fresh, raw fruits and vegetables. Cooked foods do this. I don't know why. But if you're worried, just buy a wide variety of foods and rotate. Come on, this is a lot easier than planning cooked meals! I started to cook when I was only seven years old and I KNOW raw food is easier than cooking meals!

    The raw recipes are great for transaction, but I think you'll find that most raw foodists eat whole foods and salads. They don't make the recipes on a daily basis.

    Please don't worry so much about conforming to standards. There are non here. The raw food diet is not that kind of diet, so relax.

    Just a word on the "detox" cleanses: you can over-do it easily and sweep needed nutrients out of your body. Since you're not well right now, I would be very, very cautious about doing this kind of stuff. The human body is a marvel, and it's made to clean itself.

    Clay does not belong in your body, either.

  • Raw CurlsRaw Curls Raw Newbie

    I agree about making it as easy as possible. Can you eat bananas? Those are a lifesaver, you can put them in a smoothie and they are very filling. Just bananas and water if you'd like, surprisingly tasty.

    Then, if you'd like something a little more complex, try freezing pieces of bananas, then processing them in the food processor with some pitted dates and a little cinnamon, keep scraping down and processing until you've got the best ice cream ever.

    You can always try recipes later when a craving hits, but for now I suggest taking it slow with your favorite fruits (yes, lots so you can enough calories to not be hungry or have cravings) - and then have salads for lunch or dinner. Certainly don't skimp on fruit and keep the fat low for the diabetes.

  • I am new to going raw myself and I would like to read your ebooks. My email address is cocoashade@cox.net. Thank you in advance.

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