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Curious about location



  • hi, om, I signed up for the meetup, and RSVPed for the June 2nd meeting. Glad this one is so near that I could easily bike there:) Hope to see you then

  • Hi deasmiles, the only one I know of so far is this weekend in Oakland. I will see if there are more in the area. I think there will be on in San Francisco, but I must check the dates.

  • I am from Index Washington. About 50 minutes from Seattle (by car). I love it because there is a large raw food communitiy here. There a potlucks going every week. We have lots of organic farms and a vegan restaurant (Chaco Canyon) that caters to raw foodiest with fairly good menu options. We have lot’s of markets that are filled with organic produce. Moreover, we have verdant forests filled with wild edibles!

  • Thanks Barose,

    yes if there is one on May 28 thru May 31 and you happen to know about it pls let me know…I am searching on the net. I plan on going to cafe gratitude, the raw restaurant alive, and checking out an asian market in SF or Oakland so I can finally try young coconuts and Durian!!! Rawozzy- you are so blessed to have all of what you have available in your community! I will be moving back to the US in July and can’t wait to have access to markets, potlucks and cafe’s Peace to all, dea.

  • I’m in Washington, DC. The number of people attending the Northern Virginia meetup has been increasing almost every month, which is great. At the meeting before the most recent one, there were over 40 people.

  • Alex,

    I am originally from the d.c area, I left in 2003 for work oveseas. God I miss DC, I lived 14th and Q St. My friend who still lives in that area tells me how things have changed, I haven’t been back, he tells me about the incredibly expensive rents, how everything is upscale….I loved the farmer’s market at Dupont Circle on Sundays and the saturday one at 18th and Columbia. I must be homesick, take care blessings, dea :)

  • Dea,

    I’ve moved to the area after you’ve left. Yes, everything is upscale and the rents are high. I thought this is how things are getting in all the big cities. I used to buy a lot of produce from farmer’s markets in the summer. I’m not sure if I will do it this year, since I’ve gone organic. I will have to think about it.

  • Yes many cities are going that way but there are still cities where average people can afford to live. The Dupont farmer’s market had a couple of organic stands I thought. Also for 1 yr I belonged to an organic food coop and would p/u a box every week near where I lived. Anyway enjoy my old home town, peace D.

  • Austin Texas!

  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    RawOzzy, I just moved from Monroe, WA to Flagstaff AZ. We LOVE Index. I am jeolous of your raw restaurant. The closest we have is in Sedona.

  • philadelphia has me and… i think thats it.

  • Cleveland Ohio…lets connect

  • I live in Boston and am finding very few resources here. Though I’m moving to New York in a few months I’m still frustrated at sort of “alone” feeling I’m getting here.

  • kminty3kminty3 Raw Newbie

    Plattsburgh, NY. Across the lake from Burlington Vermont and 60 miles south of Montreal for folks not familiar.. From Eugene Oregon though.

  • Toronto, Ontario, Canada…anyone else from T.O out there?

  • MunchieMunchie Raw Newbie
    • Sarasota, FL ** :o)
  • I’m in Northern Virginia (Lorton) and it’s impossible to eat out. Everyone looks at me kinda sad when I order vegetarian, let alone vegan or RAW.

  • I am in Westchester…Valhalla.

  • I am in chile, southamerica.

  • Kandace,
    Hi, I’m in Portland too. where abouts is the raw cafe? which co-op, alberta? thanks dear!

  • I am originally from vancouver, canada. I live in central PA now because I am in grad school at penn state. I live in redmond in the summer. Yay seattle raw!

  • all my life in- Virginia

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