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hi people,

just found another website for raw community and wanted to let you guys know about it. its at and i just joined a berlin group which is in the making it seems ... i hope it is ... i think it would be a nice way to get a community in berlin going ... if people are interested in it of course. just judge for yourself:

and i myself just created a group for berlin raw veggie foodists on orkut, in case someone knows about orkut.

i don't know about you guys, but i would surely like to get to meet people who are living on raw food and i'd love to share experients and "cooking" hints. it doesn't necessarily mean to meet on a regular basis, but at least to keep in touch or be able to. i'd really appreciate any kind of hint and if you want to join it the fun, just go for it :-))) you're more than welcome!!

so far i noticed, there is not too much around berlin for raw foodists. at least i'm stuggling to find things and a friend of mine too ... and she's been raw for the past year or so ... :-o

y'all take good care of yourself and have a great weekend!


  • okioki

    hi raw_veggie! im also living in berlin and i have just found out about this restaurant...

    it looks a bit pricey (for berlin) but for a special occasion i think it would be fab!

    25% of the menu is raw.

    I cant wait to try it out! Wiesbadener Str. 79 (12161) 030-82703120

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