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Juicer Help!

Hi everyone – my greenstar just arrived today and im thrilled. I watched the video, and started running produce through – but my results are nothing like Juliano’s! Either my pulp is liquidy, or it doesnt come out at all and jams up the gears. Any suggestions? Thanks!


  • return it, and get a marathon juicer. i had a greenstar i liked the juice but what a pain having to play with the spout. got rid of it and bought a twin health marathon juicer not only does the juice taste better and feel more alive or something, i dont have to play with the spout, and get a perfect glass every time. no wet pulp and no pulpy juice

  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    I agree with jaymz72, I got a greenstar manual juicer and was so disappointed! I found a champion juicer and craigslist for $100 and have been so much happier with it. Was your’s manual or electric? I was told that the electric was just as bad as the manual so I am glad that I found the champion for such a great price.

  • Its electric – I had settled on this one because it was one of the few that was listed as being able to juice fruit, veggies & wheatgrass. Ive spent all day playing with it (i think it hates me now!) and i think i have it figured out. ‘cept for blackberries… my fruit jucies are turning out pretty good. Just gotta work on the veggie juices now. (theyre coming out okay – but not much to my liking).

  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    That is why I wanted the greenstar, ‘cuz it did the wheatgrass as well as the fruits and veggies. I am keeping my manual for the wheatgrass (even though it takes 2-3 people to use the darn thing!), but am so thankful that I found the champion. I use it all the time to make juice, butters, and yummy desserts!

  • spiritedmama—I have a used champion too. I’ve wondered though, if my blade is dull or if it just takes forever to grind certain things.

    How does yours do on say nuts or coconut meat?

    I’m kind of wishing I had one just like the champion but about 4 times bigger. It would be so much easier to make a months worth of dried food in a few hours that way. (ready to put in the dehydrator I mean.) It’s just that I find the grinding process itself seems to take awhile.

    like what do the people at lara bar use?

  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    Avo Cado, My champion is a used one, but it still works AMAZINGLY! I use it to make nut butters all the time, and it does frozen fruits like…well…like a champ! (LOL!) As far as the lara bars go, I make my lara-bar type bars in the food processor, I honestly never thought of using my juicer! Maybe they have huge food processors or something…<smile>

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