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So I moved up to NYC one month ago yesterday and have decided to stay at least another month. Its been a definite change of scenery and climate from my hometown of VA. Within two weeks of being here- I had already caught on a sore throat then it was a sore throat, stuffy nose, red eyes, then sneezing in addition to. I tried to drink some teas or homepathic remedies and the sneezing and sore throat for the most part subsided. But as of yesterday- I now seem to develop pink eye and woke up with crusted yellow discharge of some sort on the right eye. My roommate though perhaps I am sensitive to smoke like her or allergies- I have wondered that too but it just seems as though I am reacting more like this than ever before in VA. Has anyone experienced similar symptoms living in the city? Any tricks to getting around this?


  • Did you move from a small town to now a big city environment? I live in a part of California where the town is small, near the ocean. When I go to cities that are way big with lots of cars,smog,loads of people , I experience the same symptoms. You are probably being exposed to much more than you are used to. To get around this,that is a good question. I do know that when I get back home after visiting from the big city, It goes away in a few days. Good luck!

  • Well where I’m from in VA is smaller population wise to nyc but I was in the superbs in close proximity to middleburg, washington dc and what not. Do you take any procautions now when you travel outside of CA?

  • When I do plan on traveling I do take echinacea supplements.They do seem to help me. Don’t know if they would work for you or anyone else. I still experience scratchy throats,sinus problems. I guess its just I don’t have that resistance or tolerance to certain areas. Where ever you go , you are exposed to new molds,trees,pollens that you don’t have from the area you lived in before. I guess over time you will build up a resistance to these. Maybe not. I do know that when I get around alot of people, especially like in buildings,stores etc,or a closed environment , later that day I have a scratchy throat. I also have reactions to perfume,dust. It’s like when my kids were small, when they are home over the summer, and we do our nature thing etc they are fine, no colds etc. But as soon as they get back to the public school environment, withing a week they are sick.

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    What you are describing happens to me as well. I just got off the plane a few days ago (went from Flagstaff, AZ…small mountain town) in Seattle. My children and I immediately got runny nose, sneezing, itchy watery eyes, etc. Until we took the ferry to the island my parent’s live on. Just that short distance from the city (20 min. ferry ride), and our symptoms are gone. Thank goodness for salt water!

  • Okay good to know that its not just me experiencing this- I guess I will be trying to make more frequent visits home where there is a cleaner environment.

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