Master Cleanse starting on Sunday Dec 7th...Anyone in?

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Hi all. I am feeling the urge to cleanse in the next few weeks as I am returning home after a bit of a hiatus. I really want to spend a few days with myself and get back in touch with my healthy lifestyle and diet which have, out of inconvenient situations, sort of slipped out of my fingers the last couple of months. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in joining me on the master cleanse starting on this Sunday? I would love some buddy system help as I struggled last time I did the cleanse. And anyone else who has done the cleanse before, any encouraging words would be greatly greatly appreciated!! I am always so inspired by people on this site and don't know what I would do without the supportive words of encouragement! Anyone in? Let me know!


  • I've done the Master Cleanse a few times (on day 13 of number 3 right now) and have searched around for good forums. I've found to be the most positive/supportive site.

    Good luck on your cleanse!

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    Thanks KathrynL. I checked it out and it seems great. How long are you going on this cleanse?

  • I haven't really decided yet. I did 40 days back in July, so I didn't really intent to do a huge cleanse, just a bit of "light housekeeping" after I partied too hard before, during and after my birthday earlier this month. I have limes to last me through the week, so I'll probably start on oranges Fri or Sat, whenever I'm able to get to the store to buy oranges.

    My goal after the cleanse in July was to go completely raw afterwards. Didn't quite keep it up, but I did learn a lot about what types of things trip me up and hope to use my mistakes last time to help me succeed this time.

  • The master cleanse is great. It isn't easy but the results in the end are great. I did it back in March. I did limes because they're cheaper. Towards the end I did the cleanse during the day and ate a raw food dinner. I had a friend that got terrible headaches when she tried the cleanse so this helped her and we both still lost weight. Because it is the holidays, it is truly hard for me to stay on track. So I just started the cleanse again yesterday.

  • ericaswfsericaswfs Raw Newbie

    That's great emeraldgem!! I would love to keep eachother posted on our progress! any support is really important on the cleanse.

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