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I have never in my life eaten a turnip. So, what are they good for? The place I am working from has a basket full of them they are giving away that were grown out of a home garden. I'm considering taking some, but have no idea what I an use them for.



  • Hi Caleb,

    I have not eaten turnips before either!!

    Maybe you want to check the following link to give you some ideas. The link is


    Good luck :-)

  • ooo you can make delicious rawvioli with those! My mom surprised me with this recipe upon coming home for thanksgiving: You can slice them thinly on a mandolin, put a teaspoon of a nut "cheese" mixture inside, then top with a tomatoe sauce. Let them sit for a couple hours until they soften and they are soo tasty!

    Also you can add them to any salads. I like the combination of turnips and cucumbers with fresh dill and lemon juice.

  • 1sweetpea1sweetpea Raw Newbie

    I love the small round ones that are white and purple. The larger, often waxed rutabagas are also called turnips by some. I'm not as fond of these. I really like them cooked and also pickled (popular in Middle Eastern cuisines), but I recently discovered that they are really tasty just peeled and chopped, raw, with no seasonings. I recommend searching for small unblemished, firm turnips. They are sweet, crunchy, but not tough and woody. I'm sure there are great things to do with them, but I don't get beyond the chopping stage. They get gobbled up too quickly. Give them a try. I'd put them somewhere between a parsnip, jicama and a radish in taste. Savoury, but a little sweet.

    Another root worth investigating is celery root/celeriac. Once the knobby exterior is cut away, there is a treasure inside. I imagine that a funky root slaw could be created with celeriac, turnip and carrot, along with the traditional slaw ingredients. Hmmm ... maybe I'll give it a try tomorrow.

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